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MIKE JESSOP INDEPENDENT WHIG PARTY KAWANA together we will change the course of history

It's that time of year again - yes it's tax time - that time when on top of calculating presenting and printing off invoices for every single transaction regardless of the amount ( average production cost 22.5 minutes staff time )

plus $3.80 for printer hardware ink cartridges consumables eg paper envelope stamp and labour for just producing a printed even window envelope and doing all this

Say 1,000 invoices per annum = $3,800 to print off plus staff costs to produce invoice 0.375 hours @ $140 / hour chargeout ($70 actual cost ) for a small business 375 hours @ $140 total $52,500 pa ( $26,250 at cost)

Plus 16 hours per quarter just reporting current GST THEN doing annual tax return for personal and business tax - total 100 hours reporting tax ( excluding accountants fees) 100 hrs @ $140 = $14,000 chargeout ( $7,000 actual cost)

Chargeout is the alternative cost to doing something that actually generates income ( wealth taxation) instead of wasting so much time accounting for and reporting taxation

This excludes stock taking and valuation $1,120 for 8 hours Stock taking @ $140 another activity exclusively required for tax reporting and a complete waste of staff time and productivity

So for the average small business the real cost in terms of productivity and wealth generation excluding cost of external accountant if used is

  • $3,800 printing and sending
  • $52,500 producing invoices
  • $14,000 reporting tax
  • $1,120 for Stock taking
  • Total $71,420 In real terms cost to the business and therefore the ( national) economy to the uninitiated known as income tax (IT) and the goods and services tax (GST)

    There now follows a description of the Whig Party method of GGST That would replace both Income Tax AND GST as well as generate more income given that $200 billion clears through the banks every day at 0.5% credit and 0.5% debit absolute total 1% ie $2 billion automatically without any paperwork at all this means saying goodbye to even the $5 dollar note given that even welfare is distributed through the banks without any cash

    So to report your tax ( and keep an eye on the banks reporting) this would be the procedure

    Download your years bank transactions in CSV spreadsheet format online

    Create / open a spreadsheet eg GOOGLE SHEETS free online SUM total the relevant date rows ie 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018

    Enter the following formula eg. in the column B containing credits and debits to your account rows 282 - 586


    To give you the absolute value of all transactions say $575,012.08 gross for an MP so GGST ( Gifts Goods and Services Tax for the year would be $2,875.06 for that account)

    Total time 20 minutes at $140 per hour $46.66 for each account say Credit Card, Savings Account, maybe Superannuation account Total time 1 hour and 20 minutes $186.66 and alternative cost to the business economy TOTAL $186.66

  • Compared to $71,420 under the old system
  • Three weeks holiday to every business owner and lots more hair
  • Frees up our accounting community for preparation of quotes AND real cost accounting and who are complicit and largely responsible for fear of that knock on the door from the ATO

    The revolutionary Whig party upon the introduction of such a tax would give complete amnesty to tax demeanour past and present and save further costs of prosecution trial and imprisonment - even pardon to existing offenders

    The above figures are based on a State or Federal MP's approximate salary excluding expense claims ( back handers illegal party donations bribes - perish the thought!?) Of which they must be in receipt of legal remuneration of course

    The rewards in terms of productivity are plain to see not to mention creativity rest and relaxation and release of the handbrake on the economy caused by the the annual quarterly and even monthly slowdown as a result of the current system

    The only downside I can see, if any, is there would be no banknotes to carry my portrait on - I guess I could accept there might be some way onto the coinage of the realm!?

    May God bless you

    Together we will change the course of history

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    Saturday April 7 2018, 6:11 AM

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    Go on, admit it. At times you really can't stick voting for the same old political parties. Sometimes they just seem dreary. Other times, you're living contentedly when up crops the problem: "no healthcare" or "no water", or out of touch with people and business - too many opportunities missed. Happily, there's nothing wrong with you or KAWANA that a change of Candidate won't cure. He's called MIKE JESSOP The new INDEPENDENT for KAWANA QLD. And, if you VOTE 1 MIKE JESSOP Candidate Number 9 INDEPENDENT KAWANA QLD on Saturday November 25th 2017, it can solve your business's problems and improve your and your families opportunities for Australia in general and KAWANA QLD in particular.

    Just send off the accompanying form or call 07 5499 6937 now we'll aim to send you your MIKE JESSOP INDEPENDENT information pack within 48 hours.

    How does it work?
    Once you've received your information pack, which shows you how to complete your ballot paper, as directed against Mike Jessop INDEPENDENT on Saturday November 25th 2017 and in a matter of days, KAWANA QLD and Australia will be given a new lease of life.

    Naturally, by voting for MIKE JESSOP his vote will work together with other preferences you have marked on your ballot paper to form a Coalition with other candidates who have been successful at this election as INDEPENDENTS. It will also provide performance enhancements to you, your work, your job and your family and enable you to take more opportunities, safely and reliably, without risking your business or health.

    It is time to elect a hard working and determined government that will take a fresh approach and which has the necessary skills to succeed

    Take part in the democratic process today. VOTE MIKE JESSOP Candidate Number 1 INDEPENDENT KAWANA QLD on Saturday November 25th 2017

    How does MIKE JESSOP Candidate Number 1 INDEPENDENT KAWANA QLD on Saturday November 25th 2017 enhance performance?

    To start with, Mike Jessop comes complete with background as a local Businessman and boat builder who has succeeded in electronics manufacture, as a Landlord, and of course KAWANA has been home to OCEAN CRAFT for the last seventeen years

    As his experience suggests, Mike Jessop brings to the Federal Parliament a personal awareness of housing policies and not just for the homeless Mike Jessop sympathises with the record number of bankruptcies and dispossessions over recent months and is determined to bring about economic and monetary reform particularly to our commercial banking system

    How can INDEPENDENT Candidate Mike Jessop solve...um, er...too many opportunities missed
    As you probably know, the quality of MP entering Parliament is reflective of the sheer volume of local authority professional politicians. To overcome this, the VOTE MIKE JESSOP Candidate Number 1 INDEPENDENT KAWANA QLD on Saturday November 25th 2017 is a Candidates with successful business experience as a pre-requisite. This ensures access to better personnel and skills required to manage our economy than those available through local authority / public sector experience. Business experience brings the necessary experience and know-how to understand our wealth and tax generating economy

    Hence the inability to solve the problem of too many opportunities missed can become a thing of the past

    What other problems can voting for MIKE JESSOP Candidate Number 1 INDEPENDENT KAWANA QLD on Saturday November 25th 2017 candidate avoid?
    MIKE JESSOP Candidate Number 1 INDEPENDENT KAWANA QLD on Saturday November 25th 2017 can solve a range of other problems. For example Mike Jessop as well as being a successful businessman in electronics and boat manufacture, Mike Jessop does the Sales Marketing and PR and design for his Boat Building company and is an Engineer and qualied Coxswain. Mike Jessop moved to KAWANA in 1999 with his wife and family "we fall deeper in love with KAWANA every day" and enjoys music, walking, cycling kayaking rugby and cricket. Mike Jessop's knowledge and experience as a local businessman means he understands the opportunities that are available to Australians and knows the time is right for other than professional politicians to get actively involved in seizing opportunities for Australia in general and for KAWANA in particular

    What other experience does Mike Jessop bring to Parliament?
    To anyone that deals with the plight of homeless people a knowledge of housing legislation is indispensible and not only for the extra insight that Mike Jessop brings to housing. A successful Landlord Mike Jessop brings an experience of housing legislation "from the ground up" that has witnessed an unnecessary increase in the number of homeless people on the Sunshine Coast. Mike Jessop has the necessary imagination and drive to change all that

    What do I do now?
    All these advantages justify ousting the Communist labour Party and Merchant Banking Liberal Party in favour of the VOTE 1 MIKE JESSOP Candidate Number 9 INDEPENDENT KAWANA QLD on Saturday November 25th 2017 today.

    All you need do is to VOTE for MIKE JESSOP Candidate Number 1 INDEPENDENT KAWANA QLD on Saturday November 25th 2017; However after November 2017 the price could be continuing huge budget deficit underfunded schools and hospitals no dentistry or healthcare for the elderly or 6KW of solar power on every rooftop

    How can I use my vote until November 2017? After 2017 frankly we're going to need a man like MIKE JESSOP to combat the complete lack of imagination of the present incumbents. To help in this campaign call 07 5499 6937 / 0416 293 686 or email MIKE JESSOP Candidate Number 1 INDEPENDENT KAWANA QLD office here, act today, today's the day, join now
    Mike JESSOP INDEPENDENT Party office here, act today, today's the day, join now

    And on Saturday November 25th 2017 VOTE for MIKE JESSOP Candidate Number 1 INDEPENDENT KAWANA QLD on Saturday November 25th 2017