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Punch Magazine Issue 87 2nd October 2020 Eradication of homelessness

Independent WHIG PARTY - Rebuilding our economy - today

With priority being given to the homeless there will be Pre-ordained Planning permission for YMCA caravan trailer parks backpackers cabins chalet style motels etc

Penalty Fine for local authorities if police find homeless person

As part of my 10 point platform campaign I will Eradicate Homelessness in Queensland

I will ensure there is pre-ordained planning permission for the type of accommodation that homeless people would otherwise occupy in the right location in every electorate in Queensland and CALOUNDRA in particular Through Council Division Planning reform

I am passionate about regenerating and reviving our economy and will achieve this by introducing a mandatory pre-ordained proportion of planning permission for homeless backpackers per council division

Because of the special relationship with between landlord and tenant whereby rent increases to an existing tenant can only be effected in relation to capital expenditure and cost of maintenance and upgrade costs amortised on a 30 year loan ( typical length of ownership of commercial and residential properties)

Abolition of business rates, Land Tax, User Pays government charges on such properties Prototyping and replacing with GGST

please see punch magazine #82 for in depth policies

Next up Glasshouse Chamber of Commerce Meet the Candidate Forum Wednesday 5:30PM 7th October 2020 BEERWAH GOLF CLUB - 24 Biondi Crescent - see you there

Rent regulation - Commercial and Residential Rent Reform

Commercial and Residential renting to existing tenants
A landlord may not increase the rent to an existing tenant unless conforming to the conditions set out herein

Stamp duty on leases to be abolished along with Land Tax and the curent GST

Every agreed or statutory capital improvement upgrade or repairs to premises either by landlord or tenant to be recorded and registered in rent book

Every tenancy whether leased or month to month to enjoy the same protection

May not increase the rent by more than inflation and or dependant on capital improvements maintenance capital expenditure and reasonable costs of maintenance and upgrade by the landlord

Upon lawful termination of lease or protected tenancy as accrued incrementally amortised on a 30 year loan ( typical length of ownership of commercial and residential properties)

month to month tenant to be compensated for agreed or statutory improvements or repairs made by the tenant in similar fashion according to depreciated costs if depreciation can be shown eg building of office mezzanine other structures within the premises

May not unreasonably evict leases or protected tenancy or if rent up to date and no unreasonable tenant like behaviour

or unreasonable landlord behaviour

Duty of care must occur as normal between landlord and tenant

Insurance liability etc may not be insisted upon by the landlord nor unreasonable or unregistered charges recovered eg auditable upkeep and maintenance without being registered or agreement from the tenant

Acts of maintenance and or repair by the tenant to be similarly recorded and registered

Only Reasonable proof of lawful tenancy relationship ( eg formal lease or registration of tenancy eg for stamp duty land tax and GST to be abolished on any and every kind of tenancy

Illegal to inflation index linked rents given that the Landlord is in ownership and control of an appreciating asset

This highlights the special relationship where property value is increasing to the landlord and the benefit is to be shared by the tenant in the same way and who are not to be penalised by way of inflation when in fact the tenant is contributing to secure the ownership of such and increasingly valuable asset perhaps many times over during the tenancy

Nor the rentable value to be decreased by the same token

All rents however can be reasonably negotiated down by agreement

Rents May not be increased unless by agreed capital improvement to existing tenants

Harassment intimidation unreasonable behaviour etc to be mad e a crimnal offence

Tenant may break lease if business or personal circumstances dictate eg viability or situation or circumstances whether private or public. Eg Coronavirus COVID19 within a reasonable time eg after three times frequency of payment of agreed rent at the beginning of the tenancy or as otherwise agreed verbally or in writing as collectable by the landlord from the tenant

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