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Family law reform Pauline Hanson 20 September 2019

Family law reform Pauline Hanson

50 50 custody unless criminal evidence and or conviction that militates against to the contrary that 50% custody should not be granted ( not civil court balance of probabilities he said she said ) On a permanent basis unless temporarily agreed otherwise in writing and that 50 50 custody shall be the overriding access and parental responsibility that shall not affect housing / child benefits to either party and which shall be modified and calculated accordingly

There is sufficient equality of opportunity not to incur alimony Child payments

50 50 during the school holidays, term time public holidays

Civil Allegations of domestic violence no longer valid without criminal evidence and investigation and or conviction Especially where no admission of civil allegations of such behaviour have been made in or out of court

Prosecution for perjury in making domestic violence orders widely abused to gain priority housing and other benefits and where perjury to influence custody and prejudice divorce proceedings regarding property in relation to custody has taken place Especially where either party has been acting in a manner likely to cause a breach of the peace eg having water and food thrown at one which constitutes assault and battery with witnesses of such behaviour whether in public or private or at any other time cross examinable in a court of law in contravention of the criminal code

Domestic violence as defined by QLD Law includes a wide range of behaviours that control or dominate someone, or cause them to fear for their personal safety or wellbeing.

These behaviours may include:

physical or sexual abuse

punching, hitting, choking, or threatening to punch or hit,

forcing a person to participate in sexual acts,

damaging someone's property or threatening to damage property, including hurting or threatening to hurt pets

emotional or psychological abuse


repeated text messaging,
making insulting comments,
calling someone names,
blackmailing or extorting,
preventing contact with family and/or friends,
controlling someone's appearance,
putting them down,
threatening to expose their sexual orientation
economic abuse
denying, withholding, controlling or misusing money or property, or threatening to do so
threatening behaviour
saying things or acting in a way to make someone feel afraid,
threatening to commit suicide or self-harm,
coercive behaviour
forcing, intimidating or manipulating a person to do things they don't want to do, such as sign a contract (e.g. for a loan) or a legal document giving another person power over their affairs (e.g. power of attorney).

Domestic violence extends to children seeing violence, like their parent being hurt, being called names, things being broken or police arriving.

But none of these shall be validly considered domestic violence unless there is evidence of criminal behaviour and or conviction which has occurred beyond reasonable doubt

I would go further to instigate Legal reform that replaces the standard of proof of beyond all reasonable doubt and balance of probabilities in civil and criminal matters, that weighs and adds only certain evidence, with one that MULTIPLIES OUT ALL THE EVIDENCE AVAILABLE TO THE PEOPLE, ON THE BASIS OF CONDITIONAL PROBABILITY but this is another matter for training of courts and legislators to become a model for all States and Territories and for export

Property law to be modelled on and according to the attached prenuptial agreement whereby all property extant at time of marriage or other union of the couple remains their property in the unlikely event of divorce, and only property acquired during marriage and acknowledged to be contractually their joint property to be considered as such

Family court to be abolished and replaced completely with above laws governing 50 50 custody rules unless where evidence of criminal behaviour and or conviction has occurred that militates to the contrary


Together we will change the course of history

May God bless you

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