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Together we will change the course of history

Mike Jessop is a Local Businessman and Boat Builder with experience in Electronics Manufacture before that - it was HE who invented the smartphone NOT Steve Jobs!?

Mike was educated at PORTSMOUTH University and NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE University to post graduate level - Mike has worked for IBM ( UK) Ltd as a Computer Network Analyst setting up IBM UK Nationwide Network for 18,000 employees and for the UK Post Office setting up the Letters Parcels and Counters National Network involving 450,000 employees

With extensive experience in the International Macro and Business Environment and as a successful businessman Mike brings with him hands on industry experience as a manufacturer so lacking in todays school teacher / government worker / professional politician whose oversight and demise is plain to see

Political background: This will be Mike's 8th ( eighth) involvement in numerous federal state and council elections on the Sunshine Coast in Australia
1. State March 2009 Indep candidate
2. ( Federal 2013 Electioneer Bob Katter Party )
3. State Jan 2015 Indep candidate
4. Federal July 2016 Indep candidate
5. State Nov 2017 Indep candidate
6. Federal April 2019 endorsed candidate candidate
7. Local March 2020 Indep candidate
8. State Oct 2020 Indep candidate

I now understand Abraham Lincoln's passion and motivation who stood 8 times prior to his election

At college I was treasurer of the student Union committee and have been elected to the local Parish Council and School Council

I have been on the committee at the CALOUNDRA Rugby Union Club as Secretary and First Aider and CRU went from 2 teams to 12 teams under my Secretariat in 2009 and saw the construction of the new club and huts and winning back to back grand finals 2018 / 2019 and Iast played in 2013 full game Reserve grade backing up for 'A' grade and remain a supporter and sponsor hopefully about to win the 2020 Premiership

I was a player for the CALOUNDRA Cricket Club laser levelling the new pitch maintaining championship of the SC League and in 2011 I was on the committee as a member of the Caloundra Cricket Club as well as Parish Councillor at Holy Trinity Kawana Waters and was Elected Member of the Meridan State School Council and continue on at the Meridan State School Industry Reference Group

I am in the Creative group at CALVARY BUDERIM Church Coronavirus COVID19 permitting

My private passions include singing boating Rugby Union Football and for exercise I go bush and beach walking lap swimming and cycling every week

My aim is to replace the professional politician in parliament with like minded people such as myself who have a broad understanding of working in macro business that makes up 20% of the economy as well as the opportunities for so called 'small' businesses who actually employ 95% of the workforce ( given that we also pay for the government worker who make up 51% of the workforce workforce ) paid for by the dwindling 49% employed in the private sector - which is how I arrive at us employing 95% of the workforce in the economy seeing as we pay for the public sector workforce as well!?

I am passionate about regenerating and reviving our economy and will achieve this by introducing a mandatory pre-ordained proportion of planning permission for homeless backpackers per council division
as well as mandatory pre-ordained proportion of planning permission for industrial manufacturing premises
Abolition of land tax for such premises
Abolition of business rates
Abolition of all user pays govt charges
Prototyping the GGST Please see http://whigparty.com.au/PUNCH%20Magazine%20weekly%20February%202016.htm PUNCH MAGAZINE Issue 11
featuring 0.5% GGST on all bank transactions to yield $730 Billion in tax / annum to replace Income Tax and current GST without any paperwork at all

thus I will be campaigning on a 10 point platform

1. Electoral reform

2. Education reform

3. Eradicate Homelessness

4. Council Division Planning reform

5. Local sourcing of gifts goods and services

6. Start preparing for polar reversal dec 2046

7. Family law

8. Coronavirus COVID19 health and hygiene education

9. Extend domestic violence laws to the workplace and for schools

10. Abolish business rates and remove all taxes and constraints on employment

I repeat - Take it while it's on offer

You will not be disappointed - Postal votes start soon - today


Together we will change the course of history

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