Whig party policy Draft notes and Constitution Saturday November 11 2017, 12:19 PM

Unsafe roads

Unsafe cars

ETS / CTS Cows Farting

Illegalise built in obsolescence and wasteful packaging for logistical purposes only

Re-use world cannot afford for every person in every country to continue this waste encourage re-use of packaging if necessary

Bring Christ's healing to the political process


High court barrister has argued that divorce settlement regularly exceed even the the record for civil damages including murder rape and loss of earnings

No scriptural reference to handing over 50% of worldly goods for assets generated prior to marriage - with sufficient equality of opportunity this situation should not prevail

Adverse effect on economy and resulting infamous black economy

Simplify tax system that on average has each ABN business holder filling out 7 tax returns each year to the GGST that banks collect automatically - with jail terms for offending bank employees and directors and confiscation of assets for those who do not comply

Financial bias of the present government only matched by the financial autism of other socialist governments around the world

Now that the government represents 51% of the workforce we must Set target for a 5% reduction in the cost of government per annum over 4 years at every level ie state federal and local

and the rights of man

Homelessness and Housing

Rent introduce registrable fair rent according to audited capital and interest at the timeof rental no more increases at higher than the 1/2/3 times the rate of inflation to be determined by free vote of government single most inflationary influence is monthly quarterly six monthly increase in rent that occurs by greedy landlords without regard to effect this has on inflation to all concerned particularly the elderly and vulnerable

and also the value of a property

to the extent that a country like Australia which has the most available land for the least population has the highest proportional cost of land and building in the world - why is this!? - Eddie O'Bedes of this world please note

Registering of fair rent according to interest and capital at the time of building

Such properties not to be refinanced or remortgaged during duration of term of rental (so that may not be repossessed by bank ) for any other purpose other than to build like property eg residential commercial with similar conditions on new properties

Existing properties

It does not cost a landlord any more interest or capital once he is renting out it is difficult to justify rent increases on this basis other than outgoings eg increase in power rates water if these costs are collected through the landlord and if they are included therefore

The downward effect on inflation on property prices the cost of building properties and the price of land would also reduce as would cost to government of renting building properties maintenance improvements expansion only with the express agreement of the tenant or unless these are carried out by the tenant himself upgrades of this nature a true and fair cost to be agreed between the tenant either commercial or residential

Cost of maintenance as distinct from cost of upgrade or re-development to a similar nature or purpose in which case the tenant is to be re-housed at a similar rent affordability and facility this is a central part of whig party policy and influence to economic reform and legislation to address the opportunity of housing affordability and the availability of accommodation that homeless people would otherwise occupy

Security of tenure at such a rent would be perpetual until such time as the property is destroyed or resumed by government for a particular purpose or sold to the tenant at market value

If the property is resumed by government for a particular purpose and the use and purpose for resuming this land changes from that for which it was resumed then it must be returned to the original prioprietor and or tenant or if deceased his successors (and assignees ) at the price for which it was resumed and that was paid for it and the use to return for rental purposes

Thus caravan parks indeed every form of residential occupation and the provision of basic facilities even for trailer park homes caravan camping and bivouacing if this occurs - dormitory accommodation shared accommodation boarding house must without exception continue to be occupied for the same purpose with these provisions

So that for example a backpackers accommodation that is to be redeveloped must make provision for the availability of at least the same number of people and state federal and local government must facilitate the provision of accommodation elsewhere and must not frustrate or hinder its development

The persecution of homeless people eg in the location of this type of accommodation must also be prohibited and the location of premises or facilities of such as food kitchens day care and treatment centres for homeless people must be provided without let or hindrance by the local state or federal government

Penalty fine imprisonment 24 hrs homelessness per offence

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