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Issue 84 Independent WHIG PARTY Candidate for KAWANA CALOUNDRA QLD

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Issue 84 9th September 2020 WHIG PARTY of Australia news Independent WHIG PARTY Candidate for KAWANA CALOUNDRA QLD

Personal Background:

Here is a bit of history about myself but not necessarily in this order

Rugby Career:

Last game 2013 position tight head prop no 3 front row scrum CALOUNDRA RUGBY UNION

Played for WASPS 2nds then in SUDBURY London prior to Rugby Union becoming professional in UK as well as for Uxbridge Middlesex and Caloundra Rugby Union clubs

Used to rub shoulders with the likes of Rob Andrew and Lawrence D'Alaglio circa 1995

PUNCH MAGAZINE Issue 43 Employment Taxes

What I have done and how I have done it

Resume Mike Jessop

I invented the smartphone ( Mush Terminal ) in 1993 - REUTERS

There is a Museum of RF data modules in my attic And communications software on my hard drive using DATATALK Written with a bloke called Mark Savage in DATATALK Command Language to send files for Voice data and video as demonstrated and used by Thorn EMI CRL for their radio frequency modules

I first came to Australia to work for a bloke called Tom Koltai in Sussex Street SYDNEY which originally brought me back to Australia

His company was bought out by CISCO in 2000 the concepts we created were the forerunner of todays credit card smartphone and epayments system such as PayPal and which is why I am such a fan of the GGST!?

The system was based on free voice data and video in return for a fee from bank transactions placed using your smartphone

Every smartphone would be a node on the network and this is what brought me to Australia in the first place

Why I am standing for Parliament

During this time as an electronics manufacturer I have also observed the complete undermining of Western economies civilisation and democracy by china and russia over decades if not for the whole of the last century and this in the case of communist Russia and China by means of currency manipulation deliberate anti-competitive behaviour ( similar to monopolistic supermarkets) patent copyright and intellectual property theft, dumping of goods at below cost of production deliberately targeting industries with such tactics and latterly biological warfare conducted by China in the form of Coronavirus COVID19 for which we should be punishing china with sanctions and seeking reparations

The present incumbents are either fast asleep at the wheel or brain dead to communist Russian and Chinese intentions

I have no intention of living under a communist dictatorship such as we have here in Queensland and virtually every other state in Australia

With regard to political party nominations ( Rob Katter Clive Palmer One Nation etc) my experience is that you do all the work and spend all the money while they tell you what to say!?

This is why I continue to run as an Independent

You will not be disappointed

Take it while it's on offer

Vote Mike Jessop INDEPENDENT WHIG PARTY KAWANA CALOUNDRA and change the course of history - today

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