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Issue 82 Independent Whig manifesto state election 31 Oct 2020

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Issue 82 Independent Whig manifesto state election 31 Oct 2020 Independent Whig manifesto state election 31 Oct 2020

1. Electoral reform

The current voting system is based entirely on paper like the old system of clearing cheques!? Why isn't Voting done electronically via mygov / QGOV / verifiable via your TFN and or bank account!? I have been suggesting electronic voting for some time now at every state election since 2009 involving the ECQ ( And every other election I have taken part in since 2009)

If you can bank online you can vote online maybe having it linked to your bank account as well

The ECQ will need to work with the AEC and Federal Government and Banks to implement this via MYGOV and or QGOV ID for State and Local elections

Then you can have a more Corona COVID19 antivirus environment, less time consuming and labour intensive and you'll be able to vote more frequently and regularly on more issues more often and have a more democratic system into the bargain and the requirement for a scrutineering COVID19 antivirus environment would become a thing of the past!?

2. Education reform

Our so called man hating education system that fails to teach anything at all about Christianity ie our spiritual and cultural heritage for the last 5 decades - has failed completely

3. Eradicate Homelessness

Better off building a backpackers and pre approving the planning permission in each division time to start rebuilding our economy - today With priority being given to the homeless Preordained proportiin Planning permission for caravan trailer parks backpackers cabins chalet style motels etc Penalty Fine for local authorities if police find homeless person

4. Council Division Planning reform

Pre-ordained proportion Planning permission for proper factory premises e.g. heavy Industry of the kind used for manufacturing

5. Local sourcing of gifts goods and services It's a joke - 60% of the queensland budget goes on government worker wages and salaries alone the rest on outsourcing from abroad eg china Think they should contribute and support Australian or Queensland businesses instead

6. Start preparing for polar reversal Dec 2046

7. Family law

There should be a criminal law against removing children from a parent without written permission for longer than a week punishable by fine or imprisonment

Criminal offences against the child and or partner - not just fabrications or allegations - using a much higher standard of proof namely a criminal conviction beyond all reasonable doubt - it's called a smartphone with voice and or video recording - he said she said or worse the word of a 'social worker' or other 'specialist' is completely unreliable - Reuters

However not all criminal offence means you won't be a good parent, and there are options of supervised stays or visits.

These so called 'counsellors' couldn't teach you anything about being a good Mum or Dad - least of all school teachers or those who don't have children

8. Coronavirus COVID19 health and hygiene education face masks

The pandemic kills not so much young people ( 6%) but mostly the elderly and people with morbid prior conditions ( 94%) and is otherwise highly treatable

Deploy new system in use in the USA that converts single use FACE masks Into Makes single use N95 face masks re-usable BATTELLE ( Columbus) decontamination system turns single use N95 face mask into re-usable face mask re-usable up to 20 times

Issue face masks to whole population Produced in australia We've so successfully eliminated all these killer diseases through vaccination - I'm afraid it's down the vet with this one - hell yeah I don't want people who don't vaccinate putting the elderly and young children at risk or anyone else

You've got to start somewhere - it's all about health education and acting in the face of a plague that could kill all of us - take your pick - do we choose heath and hygiene education / or economy wrecking lockdown and border closure - what a bunch of fast asleep or brain dead people we have at the helm - one and all Here is my roundup of nicknames for or state and federal premiers:- 'Chinaman' Dan / 'Peking' Paluscez / 'Beijing Berejiklean' Brain Dead Scott Morrison / and 'Wuhan' Mark McGowan / Stephen 'Uighar Basher' Marshall / Peter 'Live Organ Transplant Donor' Gutwein


Gladys Berejiklean
Stephen Marshall
Mark McGowan
Scott Morrison
Peter Gutwein
Anastasi Paluscez

9. Extend domestic violence to work and school

It's simple abolish the family court and put divorce back under the civil law of contract where it belongs - extend domestic violence to work and school - but under criminal law - extend domestic violence laws to workplace and school - nothing to it

10. Abolish business rates and remove all taxes and constraints on employment and constraints to business

Vote Mike Jessop INDEPENDENT

you will not be disappointed

But first I need your support and guidance which includes that all important MONEY but in equal measure

The established parties are funneling taxpayer money and big business namely the banks in the case of LNP as well as undemocratic union donations in the case of labour, into propaganda and falsehood

We must fight back because otherwise we will be enslaved to this tyrrany in perpetuity

I make a rule of spending 20% of my time ( and money) fighting for freedom - during this upcoming election - I am asking you to do the same and no less over the next just 9 weeks

Please give of your time and money in equal measure using the donate buttons or volunteer links below

Please donate your money and or time before it is too late

Or Volunteer

Thank you in anticipation for your support and generosity

You will not be disappointed

Together we will change the course of history

May God bless you

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