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Issue 63

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The homeless Record low interest rates and Tiananmen Square

The homeless

The Tiananmen Square annual communist party Chinese knock-off parade!? All of this technology is copied patent infringement or stolen from the west Chinese oppression Starting with Tiananmen square and ending with Hong Kong and Taiwan where next - and we still trade with them!?

Well there we have it interest rates at a record high for lending ( credit card etc ) and at a record low for interest paid by banks for eg savings accounts - so the government allows them to completely ignore interest rates for bank lending and gives them every encouragement

How corrupt and incompetent is that - don't stand by - act - see where the finger point goes to this time the banks or the RBA!? It's like the government are helping the banks to record profits while our pensioners who rely on interest rates are paid nothing - below inflation

Which the banks are responsible for in the first place - inflation by lending out more money than exists - not printing money - no wonder Josh Frydenberg won't look people in the eye


Together we will change the course of history

May God bless you

PUNCH Magazine weekly

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