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Punch Magazine issue 101 5th April 2021 MIKE JESSOP Independent WHIG PARTY Candidate for CALOUNDRA QLD

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WHIG PARTY Punch Magazine issue 101 5th April 2021



Dehydration is a Western phenomenon even though we have an abundance of water to drink

From a very early age we are discouraged from drinking enough water

I am told you need to drink 1 litre / day for every 20 kg you weigh so 100 kilograms eg adult male that's 5 litres / day sic depending on your activity ambient temperature and humidity - ( not forgetting around 6 grammes of salt a day)

Your body actually needs a glass of water every hour on the hour every waking hour - I set my watch to chime and my smartphone then refill my glass to drink over the next hour - simple


Humidity and heat in QLD flobber bacteria and even infection from the mouth and even lungs through cough and splutter accumulate in your pillow eg influenza bronchitis coronavirus COVID19 virus

As a public health issue You can surgically disinfect your pillow

However every six months I purchase a couple of cheap pillows and write the date on the label when I start using them ( using a permanent marker felt tip with the date eg 6 April 2021 from when I unwrap and start using them) and dispose of them in the wheelie bin six months later - don't use them for loft insulation or anything else ( do not put back in the cupboard certainly not use for visitors and guests )

I trust you will be / are now sleeping on brand new Kmart pillows We have home&CO cotton rich cover medium profile pillows 2pk Cotton polyester cover Polyester fill around $12

Sleep well!?


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in the UK announced on 25 April 2017 that PAE (Prostatic Artery Embolisation), a safe and effective non-surgical treatment, may now be offered on the NHS. Read the announcement here: newsarticle.aspx?id=03120310-1d6e-447a-a60a-d6fd9cbc37b8


and here


This significant endorsement of a relatively new procedure (first was done in 2000 and has been performed regularly in the UK since 2009) follows the results of the first multicenter prospective registry, UK-ROPE, which was initiated in 2014 and completed its recruitment target by January 2016. One-year follow-up data were available by the close of the study at the end of January 2017.

A total of 305 patients (PAE, 216; TURP, 89) were recruited from 17 centers and followed out to 12 months post-procedure. The results showed a convincing success.

The benefits of PAE: the procedure is safe, good clinical response, none of the side effects of TURP, no general anaesthetic, no sexual dysfunction, big reduction in prostate mass, and a reduction in androgen receptors post necrosis, reducing the conversion of testosterone to DTH-trophic in the aetiology of BPH.

Overall success rate from this study in the UK was about 70% and the success rate in India is reported (by the hospitals offering the treatment) at 98%.

This is good news if you suffer from BPH and do not want to be subjected to barbaric roto-rooter type surgery, and it is particularly welcome news to those with over 80cc super-sized glands who cannot opt for TURP anyway and are faced with the even grimmer prospect of open prostatectomy.

Until this is offered by the the Australian Government on medicare I do the following

Introduce Betadine, Lamisil, Canesten international three times a week using Sterile 1ml (1cc) Luer Slip Syringe ( without needle) To introduce antibacterial antifungal cream / tincture to the Prostate gland via the Urethra Which is how these bacteria gets into the prostate in the first place eg when kayaking swimming wearing wet clothes

Ejaculatory Duct Vas deferens / Seminal Vesicle sucked in via the penis in the first place

Prostate problems sitting in murky waters in waterfalls QLD ( and NSW) to combat the Fungal origin of prostate enlargement there is systemic antifungal therapy

I use For Lamisil can use Chemist's OwnTAMSIL Cream containing Terbinafine Hydrochloride 10mg/g

For Canesten can use Anti Fungal Cream Clotrimasole 10mg/g

DIAGRAM A prostate.png

I thought I would share with you HOW TO DO IT Introduced using an M Devices Sterile 1ml (1cc) Luer Slip Syringe ( without needle) Ref: IV180001 and some of the research I have done to date regarding the prostate


Exercise such as I do 4 cycle rides / week Mon Fri and 5 Puppy stroll no puppy Mon Fri plus 40 lengths swim and do a Mountain to Beach Sat or Sun and on days off Electoral reform link

Taxation reform link

Monopolies and mergers commision particularly in relation to supermarkets rupert murdoch big tech google facebook instagram youtubelink

May God bless you
Yours sincerely

Together we will change the course of history - today

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