"Australia Unlimited"

The former Labour Trade Minister Simon Crean once announced the new "Australia Unlimited" branding slogan of his party to indicate that goods are "not just manufactured" here in Australia.

This is perhaps an indication of the prevalent attitude of our socialist Politicians and an unwitting understatement of the problem

Without a manufacturing base there is a strategic flaw not just in agriculture, which has also been neglected, but an abandonment of the most serious nature and an economy that is not based on anything other than fresh air is just that

The reduction of Australian manufacturing to little more than a cottage industry in the face of 80% theft of manufacturing GDP by South East Asian economies in the form of Research and development and ( 40%) and sales and marketing ( 40%) eg Japan Korea and China , is the unwitting or perhaps purposeful origin of the slogan "Australia Unlimited"

This is entirely consistent with the fact that there is no further business worth speaking of with its headquarters in Australia driven mad by bureaucracy taxation at every level of government

Based on a 3000 square metre block of land in Queenslands COURBOULD PARK to wit: infrastructure charges when purchasing land for development 35% ;loss of land to plant out botanic gardens 5% ; the desire to drive a 12.5 metre truck on and off the premises without reversing 50% ; coupled with the restriction on operating hours and the so called "planning" that requires every business to pay an EPA assessment charge of $500 that obviates determining the exact use of land until you have actually acquired the land and actually built on it

There are as many similarities to Simon Crean's "Australia Unlimited" and this approach to planning - it's called "make it up as you go along" oblivious to the consequences and would explain why an area the size of a small town remains undeveloped beyond its release by the QLD Government at the tax payers expense even to this day Saturday November 11 2017, 12:22 PM

We all will have children and grandchildren; what are they going to do when it's their turn to provide in this economy!?

Paid paternity / maternity leave

Employers whether public sector or private are doing just that; employing staff - not marrying them

The growing band of politicians who has neither employed anyone nor successfully and solvently run a business so that by proposing to saddle large employers and small with this outrageous proposition of Paid paternity / maternity leave only demonstrates further their ignorance who will not rest until all business worth speaking of with its headquarters in Australia, are driven from our shores completely

It is the most peculiar folly to believe that other people are responsible for their welfare as of right

Christianity is a duty not a right.

So that those who actually generate wealth and tax revenue such as ABN Holding employers should be given the choice by offering tax benefits if they choose to offer Paid paternity / maternity leave

It is enough that the employer has to find another staff member to cover or retrain if they ever see the employee again either on a full or part time basis if at all

Multiply this across the economy ie the return on investment in staff development and training is impacted far enough without having to penalise the employer more never mind the staff around tem

If you kill the cow you milk - no more calves


Local State and Federal government bureaucracy will be content when every club pub and restaurant has been driven out of business what is the science behind drink driving causing more crashes than any other factor!?

25% of fatalities result from vey high BAC levels not marginally low ones

75% of fatalities are due to dangerously unsafe roads and dangerously unsafe cars which like it or not will have contributed to alcohol related deaths say 5% bringing the total to to 80%.

In other words to all intents and purposes all deaths are related to factors other than alcohol. Any business person will introduce the present incumbents to the concept that unsafe roads and unsafe cars at 80% are most if not all of the problem not just excessive alcohol

Higher standard safety cars and more safely built roads are the answer - not the continued persecution of those who socialise and drink moderate amounts of alcohol

Those who drive with excessive amounts of alcohol or drugs should be targeted

But If you a remove a social network such as a club or pub and restaurant that like it or not is part of the community some allowance must be made particulatly when it is woven into the fabric of Australian society Look no further than any other culture to see what they imbibe socially tea coffee alcohol - let us draw the line at this - but not drugs

Yours sincerely
Mike Jessop
The Whig Party
Saturday November 11 2017, 12:22 PM

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