It would seem that despite reducing their majority to the imbalanced parliament that we now see in Australia controlled by the unstable rantings of the Greens and Annastacia Palaszczuk

She and the cohorts of socialist governments around the world have yet to understand the message delivered to her at the last election nor appreciate the arguments put forward by the 'silent majority'

I had the good fortune to visit the very caves in MAJORCA where these conclusions are drawn namely that sea levels have another six or seven (6/7) metres to go before they reach the levels from 80,000 years ago where there really were no oil or gas fired power stations at all. The evidence is as plain as the day

I append a number of links related to this discussion And a graph

Graph of Sea levels and temperatures over the last 140,000 years

Indicating at top left this phenomenon (metres below present)

In the hope that all those party to the Paris agreement might actually appraise themselves of the facts

Their ridiculous rantings are almost as dead end as the evolutionary proposal they now embark themselves upon regarding 'gay' marriage nor is this a WHIG PARTY treatise on the subject

"Global sea level and Earth's climate are closely linked. Using speleotherm encrustations from coastal caves on the island of Mallorca, we determined that western Mediterranean relative sea level was approximately 1 meter above modern sea level approximately 81,000 years ago during marine isotope stage (MIS) 5a. Although our findings seemingly conflict with the eustatic sea-level curve of far-field sites, they corroborate an alternative view that MIS 5a was at least as ice-free as the present, and they challenge the prevailing view of MIS 5 sea-level history and certain facets of ice-age theory."


  All those who are 'alarmed' at the melting of glaciers during the current interglacial should take note: there were higher sea-levels and less glacial ice during the last interglacial and human activity had nothing to do with it.  

History of Climate  


Temperature History

Ice Ages




Rosettes to Coal Oil and Gas LPG Industry and Electrical Hot Water Industry for keeping our earth warm and our plants fed with CO2

But first rosettes to politicians for all the hot air, bureaucracy and taxation it will generate and who will only be content when all industry is driven from our shores completely

Bill Shorten's ETS will make the GST look like a walk in the park compared to the amount of paperwork that will be generated and the paper needed to fuel it - Keep up the good work!?

***************************** Congratulations indeed to all concerned and when our lives have been returned to living like the Amish no doubt there will be a tax on breathing out for farm animals used for ploughing; as well as people when they walk / cycle to work - that's if they're allowed to buy such a piece of CO2 generating equipment

*********************************** Thankfully we are witnessing the demise of international socialism in all its forms such will be the backlash when the public at large realise what a pup they have been sold and to be hoodwinked into increasing the proportion of government workers to past the 50% mark

Maybe not - the implosion will come when there will be no industry worth speaking of with its headquarters in Australia and the world has returned to another ice age!?

I return you to the cows farting Carbon footprint lobby - there have been scientists predicting the end of the world as long as there have been scientists


Climate change / weather forecasting

These are both an inexact sciences and given the success rate of the latter and the track record of the former

Whig Party Official policy on Climate change indicates that neither activity has had any kind of success

Naturally we should reduce the incredible waste in today's consumer society that everyone acknowledges and a return to a more responsible approach to production such as the introduction of a Sale of Goods Act governing the quality of goods for the purpose for which they are intended - a 5 year spares holding policy on all new equipment to obviate the use once because its cheaper to buy new throw away society to which even our politicians seem reluctant to committ any kind of effort Eg. If a piece of equipment breaks we throw it away rather than repair or replace it with longer lasting item

Forget windmills and water wheels this is the age of steam that requires neither bureacracy or taxation nor armies of ETS officials and tax experts Long held Whig Party policy regarding fossil fuels - coal oil and gas are stored energy from the sun in eons past - has been to use solar energy

By definition there is 1 KWatt of energy per square metre of sunlight

Simple heating by the suns rays to generate steam for energy is all that is required to power the earth many times over

In the words of Slim Shady "is there anybody out there who's normal any more"

Thankfully Annastacia Palaszczuk has been ousted by her Bribie Island MP

Annastacia Palaszczuk keep up the good work; the harder you are to work with the less productive everyone else will be around you and hopefully Australia will become a shining light to stall the rest of the world

Mike Jessop


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