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With manufacturing down 50% We are soon not going to have the capacity to design and manufacture anything at all

JAPAN, TAIWAN, KOREA, and CHINA are not signatory to patent and copyright or if they are this is not evident given that 40% of manufacturing costs areR&D these countries are effectively stealing 40% of our Manufacturing GDP

Also given that Sales and Marketing constitutes a further 40% of the manufacturing effort ( sic) how often does a chinese factory turn out counterfeit or illegally copied goods this brings the total of our Manufacturing GDP to 80%

Now do you see the advantage that these countries have effectively stolen!?

With 1/20th wage cost employment in these countries the 20% remaining effort to produce our goods against the odds this gives us a 19% success rate will the Australian Government ever see or beieve this

All we have to say to these countries Japan Taiwan Korea Chinais that we aren't going to buy any more of your goods You can't have any more our coal and ore Until you sign up to patent and copyright and ensure that this is enforced

We aren't talking about world war three They simply have to sign up and honour such an agreement

Now do you understand by what is meant when people metaphorically describe the lack of a Level playing Field We must call half time to this game now or there will be no full time

Something has to be done It is simply no use giving the stock answer it seemsthat 'small' businesses monitor and prosecute breaches of patent and copyright particularly when committed abroad because we simply do not have the time and resources to do this particularly as there is no law against this when committed in another such country

And even if this option could reallistically be pursued in other Western countries that are signatory to patent copyright treaties

We simply do not have the time and resources to do this other than on an governmental basis

The answer is simple We don't buy any more of their goods until they do sign up and honour such a treaty we don't give them any more of our coal and oreif they don't sign up to such a treaty

And if it is not illegal to do this in the country that is defrauding the west of 40% of its manufacturing GDP there is no hope at all of redressing the situation to start with or the 40% Sales and Marketing effort nor the 1/20 manufacturing wages cost advantage

Moreover it is usually Australians who are the worst culprits when it comes to copying something and then taking the plans to China to get it manufactured

So there is scope for a Federal criminal offence of theft of intellectual property

The buck stops here in CANBERRA

Why please, are you continuing to allow theft of intellectual property by JAPAN, TAIWAN, KOREA, and CHINA when it so blathantly continues at such an alarming rate

Yours sincerely

Mike Jessop

Speak to anyone who has had dealings in China and ask them about the situation and they will tell you that for every company that sets up manufacturing in eg China there will spring up a factory on the opposite side of the road producing identical goods that will be totally out of the control of the original manufacturing company

PS You might like to include in the Carbon footprint legislation of cheap cloned goods that are not even serviceable for products that do not have a spares holding capacity for at least five years

PPPS IP Australia does not send out Tax Invoices statements or even reminders when patent fee payments are due why not!!!??? what sort of way is this to do business with any government or business or individual!?

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