To rebuild our economy - today - with 40% youth unemployment on the Coast it is a priority and vital necessity - I will ensure there is pre-ordained planning permission for industrial manufacturing premises with unrestricted hours of operation in the right location in every electorate in Queensland and the Sunshine Coast in particular

My experience means I will bring opportunities that are available to Queenslanders to the neglected wealth and tax generation and manufacturing sector making it easier to set up and run a business upon which all employment wealth and tax generation is based

With priority being given to the homeless to address and tackle the homelessness problem ( 1,600 sleeping rough or in their cars ) here on the Coast

I will introduce pre-ordained planning permission for YMCAs caravan trailer parks backpackers cabins chalet style motels etc and introduce a Penalty Fine to local authorities for every homeless person the Police find sleeping rough

I know the time is right to get actively involved in seizing opportunities for Queensland in general and the Sunshine Coast in particular

Historic Life Achievements

At Uni Mike enjoyed mountaineering, caving and diving throughout the UK and Europe and even passed aptitude for pilot in the Royal Air Force

Mike spent two years in the British Army ( Territorial Army) Reserve and was offered commission in Royal Artillery

prior to opting instead to join IBM (UK)

and passed numerous state of the art computer systems training and operation courses and the IBM (UK) Completed Staffwork Course

IBM ( UK) Computer Network Analysis, Management and Operation - implementation Installation Operation and Management and support for 18,000 employees

Post Office ( UK) Computer Network Analysis Specification Design implementation Installation Operation and Management and support for 450,000 employees

NEW ERA MICROSYSTEMS Electronics manufacture and Software Engineer - Steve Jobs eat your heart out - it was I who invented the smartphone

A father of three daughters aged 21 - 26 all through University here in Queensland and of whom I am immensely proud

I count all of these as one of life achievements in equal measure


Business with Computer Studies at Portsmouth University ( England, UK) MSC Computer Science and BCS Part II North Staffordshire Polytechnic ( England, UK)

Further Education and Training or Professional Development

IBM (UK) Completed staffwork
Leadership Development
LDL Close that Sale Course
Negotiate to Win Course
Certificate IV Business Studies Australia
Coxswains Certificate MSQ Nambour Tafe Queensland
First Aider and CPR Queensland Ambulance
Probably have world record for first aiding the most games of rugby in a day (20) as the only first aider at a rugby tournament 5 teams four games each

Voluntary Work / Community Projects / Extra Curricular Skills

As a Sunshine Coast resident of more than 20 years, Mike is committed to the local community. Over the past 20 years, Mike has been on the committee at both the Caloundra Rugby Union Club as Secretary and Caloundra Cricket Club committee member

A committed Christian Mike spent time on the Parish Council at Holy Trinity Kawana Waters as Parish Councillor

He was an Elected Member of the Meridan State School Council and continues on at the Meridan State School Industry Reference Group and has stood for Parliament at both the State and Federal Level in CALOUNDRA and Sunshine Coast Regional Council Division 3 KAWANA and as Federal Member for FISHER

Leisure Interests / Activities / Recreation

My private passions include singing boating Rugby Union Football and for exercise I go bush and beach walking lap swimming and cycling every week

MIKE JESSOP moved to the Sunshine Coast in 1999 with his wife and family and enjoys an active lifestyle Music, and kayaking

MIKE JESSOP worked for both IBM and the Post Office as a Network Analyst - as well as running his own electronics manufacturing business and as a successful landlord, Mike was the owner of two properties in the UK and a boat building business here on the Sunshine Coast and so brings all that experience to the table


This is year ZERO for tax reform

MIKE JESSOP will campaign to remove the cost of taxation and bureaucracy required just to employ someone Eg Employment Tax please see PUNCH MAGAZINE Issue 43 Employment Taxes that are barriers to local employment as well as abolish both Income Tax and GST and replace it with a 0.5% credit and 0.5% GGST ( gifts goods and service tax) to replace the current 10% GST and Income Tax) so reducing the 100's of hours spent by businesses required just to report taxation - Queenslanders will be given the choice of paying Income Tax or GGST or E-Tax if registered to vote in Queensland

The current system takes at least three working weeks each year just to report taxation

And abolish business rates ie No commercial rates ( each individual already paying privately elsewhere as well as everyone that comes to visit such premises) Similarly reform water and sewage rates that charges business according to the number of WCs given that everyone that comes to visit such premises pays privately elsewhere!?

In contrast every hour of the day money is withdrawn from, or transferred between savings accounts, cheque accounts, credit card accounts, insurance companies, business and investment organisations and financial institutions of all kinds including BITCOIN ETHEREUM cryptocurrency. Indeed, all monetary transactions are debited from some type of bank or financial institution that holds money in trust. $200 billion to be precise each day that would raise $2 billion per day Similarly the Stock exchange transactions are not currently taxed even though $1.5 Trillion is traded every day this would raise $730 Billiion every year automatically collected through the bank's

Just do a spreadsheet and absolute sum on all your accounts to keep an eye on the banks eg. in google sheets using the formula =(SUMproduct(abs(B282:B586)))*0.005

Eg access account savings account credit card and superannuation account to see how much you might pay without ever having to fill in another tax return

MIKE JESSOP is mindful that not only have our children's generation not been taught the love of Christ at school but neither have their teachers or their teacher's teacher - the results are plain to see so undermining our so called education system that fails to teach anything at all about Christianity ie our spiritual and cultural heritage or give our children any support or guidance whatsoever

It is virtually impossible to hold together a family under such circumstances with 95% divorce rate and which is otherwise the backbone of our society I also intend to make Family law reform a priority

The present incumbents at State, Federal and Local Government level could not have made a bigger mess of things if they had tried simply because they are professional politicians school teachers or government workers who have no valid experience in operating a business and do not know that it is virtually impossible to successfully and solvently run a business under such circumstances and the mountain of bureacracy and taxation that is the Australian economy

Coronavirus COVID19

It's all down to health education and personal hygiene and obeying the rules please

China and Russia and others are determined to undermine western civilisation and democracy in every way inside school and in government - and who are our stated enemies - and should be treated as such

How many more government charges are we going to have to pay for government wages and salaries ( 60% of budget ) - give it a rest fellahs there's more government workers than people generating wealth and taxation!? 40% of the budget gets spent on importing goods and services from china

I'm looking forward to exiting China right off as a trading 'partner' altogether STOP TRADING WITH CHINA which word or words doesn't Scott Morrison or our premier understand - brain dead is brain dead and have they ever heard of health education and hygiene instead of wrecking our economy!?

Generally I think there are a few problems with the voting system using sellotape cardboard boxes and non verifiable pencil on paper such as the current election ballot box postal system in use by the ECQ today

MIKE JESSOP will be proposing the introduction of electronic voting eg via smartphone

If you can bank online you can vote online maybe having it linked to your bank account as well

The ECQ will need to work with the AEC and Federal Government and Banks to implement this via MYGOV and or QGOV ID for State and Local elections

Then you can have a more Corona COVID19 antivirus environment, less time consuming and labour intensive and you'll be able to vote more frequently and regularly on more issues more often and have a more democratic system into the bargain and the requirement for a scrutineering COVID19 antivirus environment would become a thing of the past!?

In every way Mike is committed to addressing the complete neglect of our community and economy - and to rebuilding it - today

Please Vote Mike Jessop INDEPENDENT you will not be disappointed

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