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Punch Magazine Issue 111 4th February 2022 MIKE JESSOP Independent WHIG PARTY Candidate for CALOUNDRA QLD

PUNCH Magazine
The Official Weekly humourous and satirical publication of MIKE JESSOP

Punch Magazine Issue 111 4th February 2022

111th ISSUE Including WHIG PARTY HACKS #14 How to reduce your Electric bill

We should sue china for damages seize and sell their assets ( and those of associate American company) for negligence working on COVID strains at Wuhan and for waging biological warfare by spreading this virus via middle east air flights as revealed by the BBC and try the case in their absence - or not - we should start suing them for COVID19 today

They've done it again china has been manipulating social media ( mark zukerberg's at it again) and the news to set Russia against the rest of the world - a perfect distraction to what's going on in the yellow sea - bravo china the devil's own work

Like she ging ping pong every word to come out of Putin's mouth is a lie - communist dictator leapords do not change their spots - Russia has murdered almost as many of their own people as china Who is believing a word they say - Russia is china's wing man


How to reduce your Electric bill This is how to wire your house safely for 12v using boating /4wd inverters so you can use your 12 volt solar power during a power cut And be able to use your 12 Volt Solar Panel solar energy - impossible under current federal and state legislation if your panels are 240volt AC (sic)
12v solar panel fusing.jpg
Below I have listed what I can run 24/7 off 12 Volt Solar panel with battery

Much more is possible using low volatage 12/24 volt 240v inverters such as to be found in a 4WD Truck for offroad Camping equipment - please be warned about manufacturer claims for continuous / maximum power both PayPal and Ebay are complicit in fraudulent misrepresentation ( an offence in Australia) about advertising about claimed solar panel wattage and 12v/24 inverter wattage - deal only with companies based in Australia - unless you are absolutely sure about power input and output wattage - you have been warned!?

As a rule of thumb in QLD Divide the total solar panel wattage output by 6 to give resultant continuous wattage eg 350w average continuous power required ( stored in the battery ) will be 58 Watts ( sic) continuous usage please add more solar panels depending on requirements

Highly technical but Battery storage for a typical 4WD battery 720AH will be 750cca / 7.25 = 103 AH

But, that is a minimum. You will need more because the ratings aren't exact, and because some of the battery's energy will be lost in resistance of the wires and in the battery itself. The rule of thumb for converting CCA to Ah is dividing the CCA by 7.25. For instance, if your battery is marked with a 1450 CCA, it represents 200 Ah. Volts to watts calculator DC watts to volts calculation. The voltage V in volts (V) is equal to the power P in watts (W), divided by the current I in amps (A) Thus V (V) = P (W) / I (A). AC single phase watts to volts calculation. Or W = V * I

Further always use the accessory output on your solar controller so as not to catastrophically discharge your lead acid battery below 50% in other words halve the 103AH / 2 = 51.5AH to obtain actual amperage without recharge - if in doubt overspecify

You've got to have brains to build boats!? PS Regarding WHIG PARYT HACKS #13 There is one design opportunity advantage of installing your own rainwater tank filtrated germicidal UV anti bacterial lamp and pump is that it will reveal all the dodgy existing plumbing eg leaking taps cisterns and exterior taps even showers and laundry appliances

It only takes half a teaspoon of leaking water from such sources to kick off the electric water pump because of even the slightest reduced pressure in the system ( according to adjustment and fine tuning) to reveal all your dodgy plumbing - eventually you will have the opportunity to install all the latest to renew repair or replaces such water guzzlers that have the water companies rubbing their hands with glee!?

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Punch Magazine Issue 105 9 July 2021

105th ISSUE Continuing WHIG PARTY HACKS that transcend the spiritual Political and religious lifestyle with more practical support and guidance of a less ephemeral nature

The Polar Reversal and Cataclysmic Flood 2046 AD


This video explains two new discoveries made about the duration of the output of the Nova. It answers why the Sun has changed color from yellow to white. Also covered are the variables involved in designing the cave door system.

The video will cover the following:
Difficulties in Designing the Door System and the Variables.
Answering Questions on the Door System.
Answering Questions on Location.
Answering Questions Involving Before, During and After the Reversal. Answering Questions on the Corporate Structure and Who to be Saved. Answering Questions on Survival in a Cave for an Extended Period of Time.
Philosophical Questions.
A viewer made a comment on the previous Part 6 video which is something I did not expect or think much about, but he is right.
It's a strange feeling, to know, in the future, people will be desperately referring to this body of work to save humanity. [by: Aaron Bost]
Please try to support our efforts so people have a path to survive this terrible event.

Best Wishes from the Diehold Foundation, Inc.
Douglas Vogt, Director.
[email protected]
Foundation Contributions through PayPal can be made to: [email protected]

The list of all the videos predicting this event are in the description section of each YouTube video. Enjoy!?

May God bless you
Yours sincerely

Together we will change the course of history - today

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