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Punch Magazine Issue 108 15 September 2021 MIKE JESSOP Independent WHIG PARTY Candidate for CALOUNDRA QLD

PUNCH Magazine
The Official Weekly humourous and satirical publication of MIKE JESSOP

WHIG PARTY Punch Magazine Issue 108 15 September 2021

108th ISSUE Continuing WHIG PARTY HACKS #17 that transcend the spiritual Political and religious lifestyle with more practical support and guidance of a less ephemeral nature

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There wouldn't be an election coming up by any chance!? In company with the LNP, Rupert Murdoch Sky News etc I would go further to suggest thar rather than being fake news they are more like pathological liars!?

Whether or not they are in their 'right mind' I have cautioned our so called 'free press' namely the Sunshine Coast Daily and the Courier Mail for publishing accusations of Neo Nazi and for which they have apologised and who actually continue to peddle the lies about China's intentions or indeed the lies of anyone else prepared to pay them enough money in the form of paid advertising or accept such tax payer funded propaganda in the case of the LNP for believing their own propaganda peddled by Rupert Murdoch the LNP and their fake news academy

If the complete dereliction and destruction of all industry agriculture and mining worth speaking of with its headquarters in Australia isn't the result of such as the LNP ALP and Green's continuing neglect - I'd like to know what is

I would suggest that anyone who challenges the so called two party system and experiences accusations of Neo Nazi, Third Reich, Fascist Racist confederate Ku Klux Klan that these are a complete invention - for which there is no evidence whatsoever and far from being simply fake news - such proponents and adversaries are more like pathological liars for believing their own lies which is a prime symptom of being the pathological liars that they are

This is an occupational hazard of the so called free press - becoming a pathological liar - believing your own lies Requiring counselling Psychological psychiatric care

Even becoming a compulsive liar The compulsive urge to lie about matters big and small, regardless of the situation.

People who lie compulsively often have no ulterior motive. They may even tell lies which damage their own reputations. Even after their falsehoods have been exposed, people who lie compulsively may have difficulty admitting the truth. Meanwhile, pathological lying often involves a clear motive.

My main recommendation to Rupert Murdoch Scott Morrison - even mark zukerberg and the twitter freak is to admit you have a problem and to get help

It's time we broke up old mark zukerberg's monopoly and rupert murdoch's too it's easy to remember there's a certain onomatopoeia to both of their names

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How to reduce your Electricity bill - Wire your house for 12v solar using the Latest boating /4WD inverters So can use your 240V solar during a power cut Boil the kettle run washing machine power vacuum cleaner air fryer microwave slow cooker even replace your instant gas hot water system with electric instant hot water using regulated 12v inverter - ( impossible with 240v wired into the grid during a power cut) Yes it will surprise most people to know that you can only use your 240 Volt solar when it has been charged to you at the energy "provider's" tariff per KWh ( not what you sell it to them at) and which is unavailable during extended power cut

And be able to use your solar energy during a power cut - impossible under current federal and state legislation

WHIG PARTY HACKS require a bit more writing up so #13 #15 #16 are to follow!?


Clean your injectors

On a new car normally aspirated carburetors are a thing of the past more likely your car will have high pressure direct fuel injection If in doubt read the destructions

Use 95 octane and every fifth tank add fuel injector cleaner additive ( or run some BP Ultimate 98 with injector additive already contained in solution)

Instead of filling up every week I now only have to every second or third week - plus it's like driving a new car PS mobile apps like petrolspy will let you know where the cheapest filling stations are and where 95 / 98 is available - it's worth the trip


Punch Magazine Issue 105 9 July 2021

105th ISSUE Continuing WHIG PARTY HACKS that transcend the spiritual Political and religious lifestyle with more practical support and guidance of a less ephemeral nature

The Polar Reversal and Cataclysmic Flood 2046 AD


This video explains two new discoveries made about the duration of the output of the Nova. It answers why the Sun has changed color from yellow to white. Also covered are the variables involved in designing the cave door system.

The video will cover the following:
Difficulties in Designing the Door System and the Variables.
Answering Questions on the Door System.
Answering Questions on Location.
Answering Questions Involving Before, During and After the Reversal. Answering Questions on the Corporate Structure and Who to be Saved. Answering Questions on Survival in a Cave for an Extended Period of Time.
Philosophical Questions.
A viewer made a comment on the previous Part 6 video which is something I did not expect or think much about, but he is right.
It's a strange feeling, to know, in the future, people will be desperately referring to this body of work to save humanity. [by: Aaron Bost]
Please try to support our efforts so people have a path to survive this terrible event.

Best Wishes from the Diehold Foundation, Inc.
Douglas Vogt, Director.
[email protected]
Foundation Contributions through PayPal can be made to: [email protected]

The list of all the videos predicting this event are in the description section of each YouTube video. Enjoy!?

May God bless you
Yours sincerely

Together we will change the course of history - today

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Independent WHIG PARTY Candidate - MIKE JESSOP

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