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Issue 13

PUNCH Magazine Weekly Thursday 12th May 2016
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Issue 13

PUNCH Magazine weekly ABN medal awards

And so it is dear brethren and reader that we are the employers of 90% of the workforce in the private sector ( that pays for all of the public sector) and yet we have 40% of the population on Social Security Pension with the rest of going to education hospitals and defence

After all they receive all the above plus the $280 / week

And so it is I propose that all social security recipients so far as they are able should have to work voluntarily for ABN ( Australian Business Number) holders for 5 hours / week voluntary Or go hungry!?

After all it is they who condemn us to 100 hours a year reporting BAS ( Business Activity Statements) or deny us three weeks annual leave rest and relaxation

Nor is this the true cost of GST accounting and administration - having to archive printed invoices and bank statements I estimate 1000 printed invoices per annum at cost of $2.85 = $2,850

I would also propose a 0.5% CR + 0.5% DR = 1% GST on BITCOIN

May God bless you

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