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Issue 12

PUNCH Magazine Weekly 15th March 2016
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Issue 12

PUNCH Magazine weekly Gentlemen on the subject of divorce ( and the family law courts)

To those who have had to experience the so called no fault divorce laws you will already know that this is a blank cheque for lawyers And after giving free board and lodging for 30 years ( and everything else ) you may find yourself having to give your wife husband half of everything you own ( possibly more ) but if you or your husband wife ( gay marrriage article to follow next) were in rented accommodation wouldn't have to pay them anything at all!?

The current so called no fault divorce laws are a blank cheque for lawyers as is so often the case the Current divorce laws devised by lawyers for lawyers ( remember it is the lawyers who draft the legislation and quite often there is a lawyer proposing such legislation eg Landlord Tenant) Rather than to address issues in the relationship or help her husband or wife during any rough patch

In spite of rather than because of the current Divorce laws there is a 60% divorce rate of official marriages which does not take in to account de facto marriages so that the true relationship breakup is more like 95% divorce rate where children are concerned

As one who has resiled from narcissism devil worship and the devouring of children the remedy is simple: grounds for divorce only criminal related beyond reasonable doubt ( not he said she said civil lawyer blank cheque) with regard to property matters you exit the marriage with same assets you came in with (if possible ) nor should alleged behaviour affect property division

Similarly custody orders 50 / 50 unless otherwise agreed in writing unless proven criminal activity eg domestic violence child abuse etc

Furthermore to avoid asset split and easy access to half a persons worldy goods after 3 / 6 / 12 months so that the only grounds for divorce should be only criminal Not on a whim this would encourage victims of domestic violence to go to the Police and criminal courts where domestic violence is alleged and make criminal behaviour fully accountable thereby allowing others to determine if individuals have been involved in domestic violence whether as victim or perpetrator

The so called rights of the parent and grandparents have been sorely impacted regarding access and custody with concomitant impact on children who are denied access to one or both parents / grand parents

The Courts are clogged with custody and property matters whereas the mandatory 50 / 50 split (unless otherwise agreed in writing ) and gold digging ( deliberate breakdown of marriage to secure assets under the current system ) become a thing of the past

May God bless you

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