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Issue 16

PUNCH Magazine Weekly June 7a 2016 - Thank you to everyone who endorsed and nominated MIKE JESSOP Independent
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Issue 16

PUNCH Magazine weekly

Thank you to everyone who endorsed and nominated MIKE JESSOP Independent Only a week to go until ballot paper order numbers are announced at the Australian Electoral Commission For Fisher Address: Christawood Corporate Centre 54 Baden Powell St MAROOCHYDORE QLD 4558 Friday 10th June - be there or be square

Regards MIKE JESSOP Independent REVOLUTIONARY WHIG PARTY For FISHER QLD mike[AT]whigparty.com.au @PartyWhig FB: WHIG PARTY Mike Jessop

Questions and answers

Question. Hello, can you tell me if you will be allocating preferences and what is your opinion on VLAD laws and NSW's consorting laws. Thanks

Answer.Just Vote 1 MIKE JESSOP Independent FISHER it can solve your business's problems and improve your and your families opportunities for Australia in general and FISHER QLD in particular

Question. That's great Mike but what is your position on VLAD and the NSW consorting laws. This issue is extremely important to me.

Answer. A tough one and in the QLD and NSW state parliament totally out of control I'm not fudging the issue but I don't believe the state Parliaments should have the power to pass such legislation that so blatantly breaches human rights ie freedom of association - it seems there is a problem though historically with organised crime that so clearly does not demonstrate the fruits of the spirit and has got to stop - the answer is to overtly dissociate from such activity - I feel the same way as a rugby enthusiast when people associate antisocial behaviour with us the answer is not to give people cause to do so - we must be forbearing and patient - my stance is to homogenise ultra vires legislation of this nature into federal law and amend the Constitution to restrict the current 3 tiers of government down to two and the type of legislation it can pass Regards Mike

Answer. Thank you very much and totally agree this legislation is an abuse of our rights and has resulted in unemployment for people who have no criminal records. I also would like to see a tier of Government removed, my preference would be state Govts gone. Good luck with your campaign you will have my vote. I won't be at the meet the candidate organised by Maleny Chamber of Commerce $40 to attend is ridiculous. Thank you again for the reply.

May God bless you

PUNCH Magazine weekly

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