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Issue 23

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Issue 23

PUNCH Magazine weekly

PUNCH Magazine Weekly June 30 2016

You are Invited to Sunshine FM Meet the Candidate Forum
104.9FM ON AIR
Friday 1st July 2016
8:30 - 9:00AM
QLD 4558

104.9 Sunshine FM is a community-based radio station committed to providing services that encourage the widest possible community usage through broadcasting and participation. I and 2.1 million ABN Holders like me would have three words for the existing incumbents 'taxation without representation' Particularly in FISHER QLD where we have been unrepresented for the last 5 years

If Stability means increasing the number of different tax departments to seven

I think not

I propose an automatically collected tax on every transaction through the banks with no paperwork ie

GGST on $50 transfer = 25 cents
GGST on $100 transfer = 50 cents
GGST on $1,000 transfer = $5

Do you prefer 100 hours tax return preparation for ABN Holders every year and 20% 30% 40% Income Tax plus 10% GST on top of that!?

We are not short of water or money on the contrary opportunities in Australia have never been greater including Aus Space agency defence research and development and in biomedicine

May God bless you

PUNCH Magazine weekly

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