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Issue 22

PUNCH Magazine Weekly June 18 2016 - Student HECS and Age of majority voting rights
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Issue 22

PUNCH Magazine weekly

Question. The Higher Education Loans Scheme (HECS) debt is currently about $42 billion, but is projected to reach $185 billion by 2026, with reports saying much of this is unlikely to be repaid because the borrowers have moved overseas or earn less income than the taxable threshold. What should be done to reel in this drain on the public purse?

Answer. The current HECS system is yet another incentive to under achieve And there is little point in turning out graduates if there is no vocational pathway and they are not required eg turning out 60,000 lawyers is enough when you need more doctors

Neither is there any point in educating to the second or third just to become a bus driver

For obviously Australian Citizens students should have High enough marks to get in and funding should continue on a sliding scale based on their hard work and determination Targeting incentives for required subjects eg doctors maths science bio medicine dentistry

Rather like building a boat the government should pay the non refundable 50% deposit ( for building the boat) and then pay for the trailer and outboard when it is acquired on their behalf ie continue study and launch into a career

The government should pay half the fees up front based on a high enough continued success rate and then continue to fund those who are determined to work hard and succeed and make sure they are certain about continuing

People who do not finish the course or under achieve and or who do not use their qualifications ie funded vocational subjects eg 7 year doctor / architecture or go into research - should have to pay the money back - for those who disappear overseas presumably for a better offer this should also be the case until they return

Question. Should the legal voting age be lowered to 16, and why?

Answer. Not unless the age of majority is also reduced you should then be able to vote and stand on the committee when you are legally able to hold an ABN and contract which is currently 18.

And remember preferences are no good to an INDEPENDENT on the day please VOTE 1 Mike Jessop ( Candidate 9 FISHER) ( then give your preferences to other parties)

May God bless you

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