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Issue 24

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Issue 24

PUNCH Magazine weekly

Please do Vote 1 for MIKE JESSOP INDEPENDENT Candidate Number 9 and then preference who else you would normally vote for left / right - with the Greens last

VOTE 1 MIKE JESSOP Candidate Number 9 INDEPENDENT FISHER QLD on Saturday July 2nd 2016

If and when elected Mike Jessop INDEPENDENT Will Introduce

  • 1. Gifts Goods and Services Tax 0.5% GGST In / Out Credit Debit all electronic and cash transactions ( $730 Billion yield)
  • 2. Abolish GST ( $50 Billion yield) replaced by GGST
  • 3. Abolish Income Tax ( $433 Billion yield) replaced by GGST
  • 4. Reduce burden of taxation completely on ABN Businesses
  • 5. Enforce Magna Carta on User Pays Government Charges
  • 6. Install Free 6 KiloWatts of Australian Manufactured Photovoltaic electrical power to every dwelling
  • 7. Subsidised or free dentistry to the elderly and all Australians as part of Medicare
  • 8. Introduce Funding and Development of Mental health first aid and funding of AfterCare

    If the present incumbents have given us stable government over the last 3.5 years then my name's Roger Rabbit

    1. If Stability means retaining the three line whip that brought in the GST
    2. If Stability means increasing the number of different tax departments to seven
    3. If Stability means remunerating ex MP's to the tune of $1 billion

    based on their record over last 9 years the existing incumbents do not have what it takes to steer us through these uncertain times

    I propose an automatically collected tax through the banks with no paperwork on every transaction ie

    GGST on $50 transfer = 25 cents
    GGST on $100 transfer = 50 cents
    GGST on $1,000 transfer = $5
    Do you prefer 100 hours tax return preparation for ABN Holders every year and 20% 30% 40% Income Tax plus 10% GST on top of that!?

    I think not

    In addition to free electricity supply with surplus delivered to businesses with Power Companies Local authorities will be charged with managing power distribution locally Mike will also ensure the dangerous Steve Irwin way is upgraded with crash barriers down the middle and or the road duplicated, if and when elected he will also finalise the Light Railway through CALOUNDRA to MAROOCHYDORE / MOOLOOLABA if required

    In order to Regenerate our Economy of manufacturing agriculture and mining I aim to reduce the cost of government I would like to see the following reforms including the abolition of 10% GST replaced by 0.5% credit 0.5% debit Gifts Goods and Services Tax GGST on all transactions collected automatically through the banks including gifts and remove the ridiculous notion of user pays as if tax payers aren't already paying whole armies of public servant's wages and salaries in addition to being charged every time you use their service- and to ensure EVERYONE contributes to Tax Generation

    afm annual turnover summary by market
    $136 AUD Trillion every year = $372 Billion every day * 0.5% = $1.86 billion credit + $1.86 debit = $3.72 billion daily revenue on the stock exchange alone

    Source 2015 Australian Financial Markets Report Website
    Server Source 2015 Australian Financial Markets Report

    Mike Jessop worked for IBM and the Post Office as a Computer Network Analyst and has succeeded in business as a Landlord and as an Electronics Manufacturer, Boat Builder and Businessman
    MIKE JESSOP moved to KAWANA in 1999 with his wife and family and has three children. Mike enjoys an active lifestyle of Music, walking, cycling, rugby, cricket, and boating and kayaking and of course FISHER has been home to OCEAN CRAFT for the last seventeen years

    His political experience as treasurer of the Student Union at College and who was on the Cricket and Rugby Club committee and Parish Council and School Council being voted QLD School of the Year 2015

    His Political background and party involvement in numerous election campaigns eg he ran as QLD State INDEPENDENT 2009, Electioneered for the Federal FISHER KATTER Party in 2013, and stood as QLD State INDEPENDENT in 2015 and will inaugurate the Whig Party of like minded INDEPENDENTs

    As his experience suggests, Mike Jessop brings to the Federal Parliament a personal awareness of housing policies and not just for the homeless Mike Jessop is determined to bring about economic and monetary reform particularly through our banking system Mike's Business experience brings the necessary know-how and understanding of our wealth and tax generating economy

    Starting with the repeal of the GST for which we are obliged to print off and have audited every single transaction regardless of the amount typically 1,000 invoices ( $2,850 per annum) costing 100 hours to enter and report such information costing $6,000 or 3 weeks rest and relaxation a year my aim is to replace the professional politician in parliament with like minded people such as myself who has a proven track record of success and a broad understanding of working in macro business that makes up 20% of the economy as well as of the problems facing those who have run micro, small and medium sized businesses that make up and employ 80% of the economy ABN Holders and individuals will benefit in a reduction of bureaucracy and neglected wealth and tax generation and manufacturing sector making it easier to set up and run a business upon which all wealth and tax generation is based

    But don't keep voting the same old way and expect a different result

    VOTE 1 MIKE JESSOP Candidate number 9 INDEPENDENT FISHER QLD on Saturday July 2nd 2016 you won't be disappointed

    May God bless you

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