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Issue 25

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Issue 25

PUNCH Magazine weekly

PUNCH Magazine weekly July 13 2016 - Alpha course in schools

Re-introduce teaching of Christianity in schools in the form of an HTB Alpha Course in schools

In line with a reduction in the cost of government and hijacking by unions and private donors may I suggest that but for a multi-million dollar taxpayer funded propaganda campaigns ( based around Stability Jobs and Growth and whatever else the political party candidates were regurgitating) this was a free and fair election apart from this

The present incumbents would have lost by alot more than they did!?

Seem to be getting alot of speeding traffic fines and demerit points!? - I recommend SYGIC for Android which tells you what speed limit is by GPS reckoning I think this should be provided by Road Transport Authorites until our roads and cars are alot safer

Like the queues out onto the streets at the polling booths we are still waiting for the results of this election Wednesday July 13 2016, 9:56 AM - that is we are still counting the votes

Fortunately I did not have to witness people who had arrived before 6:00 being excluded from voting at the polling booths
Without Smartphone voting in same way that we interface with ATO with dynamic online PIN we could have Mobile polling booths for nursing homes and those who do not have access to a PC or smartphone and vote in the same way that we interact with the government eg. https://my.gov.au/mygov/content/html/about.html

Thank you for voting for Genuine tax reform Dont forget keep the pressure up on the GGST 0.5% automatically collected through the banks or
Do 2.1 Million ABN Holders ( and others) prefer 100 hours tax return preparation for every year and 20% 30% 40% Income Tax plus 10% GST on top of that!?

May I suggest a productivity commission on 100 hrs Rest and relaxation for mums and dads businesses when we could be going out to Restaurant Take annual leave catalyse and inspire more productivity in the economy

Our calls for less bureaucracy and red tape are still falling on deaf ears believe me

I thoroughly enjoyed standing at this election and Thank you for Voting 1 MIKE JESSOP INDEPENDENT for FISHER QLD House of Representatives until the next time

May God bless you

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