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Issue 31

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Issue 31

PUNCH Magazine weekly

PUNCH Magazine weekly Monday October 9 2017, 9:35 AM

The feminist / gay backlash

As a heterosexual male and an employer I do not wish to have yet another state or federal employment complication foisted upon us

Men marrying men is anyone serious about this!? Underage sex (paedophilia) or inter family sex ( incest) and homosexuality in my opinion are on a par with incest and underage sex in terms of sexual immorality and would broaden the scope of sexual harassment

As a heterosexual male I do not wish to be sexually harassed by other men nor do I want my children to be harassed by homosexuals either?

This is the turning point against homosexuality and I would like to see this illegalised the same as incest or paedophilia

I think this so called gay marriage debate will be the turning point against same sex relationships

This is going to be the anti feminist / gay backlash like you've never known it I wouldn't be surprised to see homosexuality being made illegal once again

Feminism is like a midsummer night's dream I shall be glad when it's over

I believe feminism is responsible for the demise of western society. Like men all women are people - we would be mighty scarce without them!?

Please Vote NO in the postal survey plebiscite while you can

May God bless you

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