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Issue 26

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Issue 26

PUNCH Magazine weekly

PUNCH Magazine weekly 9 August 2016

Oh God!? Vote 1

Like every other rule and regulation it's different for every State and Federal election even the Senate and House of Representatives not just voting ( just like all the other rules and regulations and bureaucracy throughout Australia - including differences between local authorities)!?

Thank you for voting but it seems the AEC in FISHER disallowed votes declaring those who Voted 1 only for Mike Jessop ( with no prefernces) were declared invalid

Yes those who gave me their primary vote without filling out preferences for 8 other candidates were disallowed - is this legal!? Is it fair!? I shall be enquiring and if not I shall demand a recount

If so we will know for next time and this will only determine my resolve

Only 2.5 years til next time

Let's do it for our children and our children's children


I came 4th out of 9 other candidates

May God bless you

PUNCH Magazine weekly

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