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Issue 49

PUNCH Magazine
The Official Weekly humourous and satirical publication of The Whig Party

Actual Federal Election Manifesto 2019 ( no smoke and mirrors) It goes without saying $200 billion extra funding with $200 billion extra taxation with no way of saying how this is to occur old labour at its financially autistic best - this is old labour consigned to the electoral scrap heap hopefully

1. Genuine tax reform minimal Lower taxation 100 hours less tax reporting Immediately Increased personal wealth Higher revenues User pays taxation minimised Employment related taxes abolished

2. Free 6kw solar every household and electricity power grid management

3. Amend residential rates payable according to cost of service provided Abolish business rates

4. Complete Reciprocity with foreign trading partners

5. Gear government activity solely to assist business wealth creation

Oh and Reform of the divorce laws next up 50 - 50 Custody unless otherwise agreed in writing making it a criminal offence to remove children from a family home for longer than a week without written agreement unless there is criminal evidence to the contrary - watch this space

May God bless you

PUNCH Magazine weekly

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