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Issue 37

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Issue 37

PUNCH Magazine weekly

PUNCH Magazine weekly Thursday February 8 2018, 7:47 AM

MIKE JESSOP INDEPENDENT WHIG PARTY KAWANA together we will change the course of history

In response to the governments proposal to quarantine unemployed peoples earnings I have a better idea

Quarantined earnings for government workers can only be used to buy Australian gifts goods and services Yes THEIR private earnings

  1. So when they want to buy a car they won't be able to
  2. So when they want to buy a new car they won't be able to
  3. Every time they order something online abroad which doesn't collect a single cent in tax or generate a single cent of wealth in Australia they won't be able to
  4. When they want to go on holiday abroad they'll have to support Australian tourism instead
More than half the workforce works for the government

All of the money we provide in taxation to pay their wages and salaries will now be channelled back into Australia

Leave the unemployed alone - the 'government' are the reason they are unemployed with a non government workforce earning less and less while we live in the highest taxing economy in the world to pay for their wages and salaries

Simple really

In fairness we would quarantine all government benefit payments and or expenditure in similar fashion

Oh and all government expenditure completely ie education procurement government tendering defence as far as possible and so develop our own Industry farmers mines agriculture and orientate government to a proactive customer service developmental environment and educate our government sector ( 51% of the workforce) into being more small business orientated that employs 49% of the workforce AND all the government workers as well!? May God bless you

The WHIG PARTY Real economic wealth and tax regeneration today

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