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Issue 48

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Well it's out now Josh "Smoke and Mirrors" Friedenburg's election budget

Well it's out now Josh "Smoke and Mirrors" Friedenburg's election budget yet again without any serious tax reform and return to taxpayers of some of the 80% - 90% we are being taxed

The safest and most reliable way of regenerating the economy instead of spending on armies of government workers ( more than half the workforce) is to put money back in non government workers pockets with an automated tax system proposed by Mike Jessop ( Independent - WHIG PARTY) called the Gifts Goods and Services Tax or GGST with no non profit No offshore not for profit charitable trust foundation status on every body and everything - 0.5% credit and 0.5% debit tax ( even transfers between private and personal accounts) to replace both income tax and the current GST that takes 100 hours per annum just to report taxation

PS The power cash handout is peanuts compared to the actual hikes in petrol electricity gas and the huge proportion of taxation on these items

Other than a final admission that the economy has been bumbling along at the same degree of dereliction by the current and previous governments who continue to blame everything but their own corruption and incompetence in equal measure

The time for upgrade and change is now

Vote Mike Jessop Independent WHIG PARTY and turn things around in a matter of weeks

I'm excited ready and willing to do this job are you!? please volunteer your time and or donate TODAY to help out as much as you can www.whigparty.com.au

Next up Reform of the divorce laws

May God bless you

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