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The attitude of people to Climate change is an indicator of the state of the nation's mental health

The attitude of people to Climate change is an indicator of the state of the nation's mental health

With no other means of managing their anxiety the end of the world is nigh

Our perception towards climate change is entirely due to the means of Climate change recording

Specifically the 2 second digital voice data and video recording available to 5 billion mobile phones of which 3 billion are smartphones ( earth's population 7 billion) - video killed the radio star Earthquake wind and fire ( and tsunami) have been around since time immemorial

For example the first video recordings of eg boxing day tsunami was in 2004 which marked our popular perception and recording of events using the camcorder this has now increased exponentially with the use of the digital smartphone

Not only this but within 2 seconds I can be ready with film quality voice and video recording in any lighting conditions that would have taken a film crew weeks to prepare

Coupled with the ubiquitous availability of cellular network and WiFi and internet and such platforms as live feed social media Facebook Twitter YouTube etc the PERCEPTION of such events is not only ubiquitous but almost immediate

So events in history that were hitherto unrecorded except by written or spoken word and perhaps illustration can now be recorded completely accurately and published almost immediately

And until the Paris accord brigade are able to manage their anxiety about the potential for such events - you have the so called climate change movement pronouncing that these events have only just started happening ( or at least since 2004!?)


Together we will change the course of history

May God bless you

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