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Issue 56

PUNCH Magazine
The Official Weekly humourous and satirical publication of MIKE JESSOP CONSERVATIVE NATIONAL PARTY Candidate for FISHER QLD

Like everything I keep an open mind on things but I hold an opinion

Whether abortion or SSM Just because a corrupt and incompetent government in my opinion holds a postal survey if you can call it that on whether Normal and natural relations with members of the opposite sex should form the basis of marriage or not

It becomes an existential question in my opinion and spiritually is so contrary to scripture and God's creation

Anyone who claims to be a Christian and yet failed to vote against the SSM bill of the 45th parliament such as Scott Morrison or anyone else for that matter is not saying Aye or Nay

As a health issue that we should spend millions on the PBS combatting a disease such as aids as a result of 'gay sex' beggars belief - like the 45th parliament's social and economic policies And completely undermines Western Civilisation and culture and are a dead end in evolution to the extent that we should become extinct within a generation were they allowed to continue to their logical conclusion

But for the fact homosexual behaviour affects only 4% of the population this should not be allowed to affect our spiritual and religious tradition culture and heritage namely Christianity, which has failed to be taught in our schools for the last 40 years as a result and the consequences of which are plain to see

Hence why I believe the SSM bill should be repealed

In recorded history there is no such thing as a human hermaphrodite capable of breeding by itself and even though I have long held the opinion that this should be added to the long list of LGBTQ acronym - no human can reproduce biologically without the union of a man or a woman unless you include cloning where genetic evolution is interrupted which is not normal or natural and again contrary to God's creation when it comes to reproduction

Contrary to what the 45th parliament would have you believe our ancestors wittingly or unwittingly have got it right - Sexually you are either born a man or a woman and those are my views -

Together we will change the course of history

May God bless you

PUNCH Magazine weekly

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