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Issue 2

30th October 2014 PUNCH Magazine
The Official Weekly humourous and satirical publication of The Whig Party

Democratic Injustice

Taxation without representation

The very stuff of revolution with a 40% immigrant population in the last 30/40 years Australians must first renounce overseas citizenship in order to stand for parliament

As we all know the majority haven't even finalised Australian citizenship at $5,000 / pop let alone renounced their old one

Australia's political DNA as a result will always remain somewhat skewed

With regard to Britain being a foreign power anyone from the commonwealth can stand for parliament in Britain if they are resident - if our head of state and the Governor General who acts on her behalf are a foreign power then my names roger rabbit!?

ACTION: Australian citizenship is Australian citizenship Renunciation of foreign citizenship should only be required upon accession to federal cabinet Eh what 4/10 Australian citizens!?

We can vote but we can't govern - sounds like Ballarat to me!?

Or to put it another way - Taxation without representation

All characters appearing in this work aren't fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is entirely accurate.

PUNCH Magazine weekly
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With apologies to LONDON and his mate CHARIVARI

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