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Issue 47

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Sadly after looking at all the other parties teamwork or no teamwork specifically Bob "NRA" Katter's - Beatle egger - I'm an Australian and really care about our gun control laws and Clive "Offshore" Palmer's - I'm an Australian and really care about you paying taxes here but not me Corruption going hand in in hand with Incompetence ( especially ones with Offshore Bank Accounts ) integrity and competence being paramount in government it has been decided not to endorse any of these other parties Including the LNP the Nationals or Labour who are equally corrupt and incompetent and "offshore"

Most of the problem is that 72% of the population either cannot vote ( 12%) or are ineligible to enter parliament ( 60% under section 44 fo the constitution) and who therefore become 2nd class citizens despite completely embracing and supporting your new country experiencing taxation without representation from the outset

Mike Jessop resolves to amend the constitution accordingly if and when elected

An Australian citizen is an Australian citizen who is deterrred from even running for parliament and which is therefore cronically unrepresentative of the electorate means that unless you completely renounce citizenship of other countries - by having to do so once elected - will greatly increase the quality and quantity of candidates entering parliament

Finally with regard to section 44 I don't believe that any of the present incumbents including Clive Palmer give a damn about the people, Australian or not, that actually do pay their taxes and is a ruse to keep people out of parliament to feather their own nests

May God bless you

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