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Issue 52

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The Official Weekly humourous and satirical publication of MIKE JESSOP Candidate for FISHER QLD

Who I am, where I've come from and what I stand for

Mike Jessop is a Local Boat Builder who has succeeded as a Computer Network Analyst, Landlord, Electronics Manufacturer, and as a Boat Builder based on the Sunshine Coast is a compassionate, passionate entrepreneur driven to make a difference to boat design, business practice and community engagement.

  1. Cure Homelessness on the Sunshine Coast
  2. It is estimated to be 1,600 sleeping rough or in their cars being moved on by the council - as an ex landlord Mike Jessop will eliminate this to 0 by completely deregulating the housing market of the type of accommodation that homeless people would otherwise occupy which has caused this problem in the first place with councils to be made responsible for allowing a certain proportion of planning permission zones mandated to include this type of accommodation indeed for business purposes so that there is a proportion of accommodation for businesses to operate as well

  3. Fix Electoral and Constitutional Reform
  4. Most of the problem is that 72% of the population either cannot vote ( 12%) or are ineligible to enter parliament ( 60% under section 44 of the constitution) and who therefore become 2nd class citizens experiencing taxation without representation from the outset and is otherwise a ruse to keep people out of parliament

    An Australian citizen is deterred from even running for parliament meaning parliament is unrepresentative of the electorate. By having to renounce once elected will greatly increase the quantity and quality of candidates entering parliament

    State government will gradually be dissolved giving greater powers to local government with Federal planning of water resource because no new reservoirs built in last 20 years using less water and being charged more 15 metres going to waste down the Murray Darling and around City of Townsville

  5. Genuine Tax Reform
  6. The safest and most reliable way of regenerating the economy instead of spending on armies of government workers ( more than half the workforce) is to put money back in non government workers pockets with an automated tax system proposed by Mike Jessop called the Gifts Goods and Services Tax or GGST with no offshore not for profit charitable trust foundation status - every body pays - 0.5% credit and 0.5% debit tax to replace both income tax and the current GST that takes 100 hours per annum just to report

Who I am, where I've come from

I have been involved with the political environment running for State and Federal Parliament since 2009 and I am very keen to make a difference to so called small business which are the backbone of the economy As a businessman, I am extremely passionate about implementing better ways to support and grow small business

I have been described as a larger than life character and an extremely passionate innovative man with a gift for communication supported by an exceptionally high IQ who loves caramel cheese cake and cream - with a blended English / Australian Accent - and modest too!?

I was privileged to work for IBM when they were just bringing out their first IBM PC I worked in computer design that's why I know so much about computers. Years later in 1998, in my own business, we were the first ever, before the cellular networks, to do voice data and video over a smartphone although our i-Phone was a hand-held PC.

I reside in Caloundra and remain passionate about supporting my beloved Caloundra Rugby Union Club and getting elected into Parliament in 2019.

I have been around boats for my entire life it's in my blood - my Dad was a Submariner in the Royal Navy his career as a Submariner and in Surface ships as Captain of the Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier HMS Eagle meant that we spent time traveling with Dad around the world as part of duty with the Royal Navy, I was actually born in Manly, Sydney NSW and left Australia when I was 3 months old on deployment to Dad's next 'tour of duty' destination.

After attending boarding school from the age of 8 in England and graduating from Portsmouth University in Southern England with a Degree in Business with Computers, I then went on to study a Post Graduate in microprocessor design. I established a career with IBM I later operated an electronic business producing high-tech computer components across the world. There is no secret to success it is hard work and determination

In my spare time I love to sing in a number of local choirs - I always sing at the Christmas Carols - I play a number of musical instruments - I love to get onto the water with my family and free dive and spearfish when I get a chance.

Authorised by MIKE JESSOP Candidate in the Federal seat of FISHER QLD here on the Sunny Sunshine Coast Vote for MIKE JESSOP on Saturday 18th May 2019
Together we will change the course of history

May God bless you

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