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Issue 30

PUNCH Magazine weekly

PUNCH Magazine weekly Monday September 25 2017, 9:39 AM

The argument so far on same sex marriage it seems to me is only half the story

Freedom of speech is being abused by the treatment of controversial or sensitive subjects and events - $12,000 fine to talk about same sex marriage - a taste of things to come!? I rest my case Vote NO while you can

Can you understand that men are jealous of people who try and take their women and vice versa and are about to compete with them This is not homophobia

Sexual addiction relates to events earlier on in life particularly if you are the youngest of same sex sibling ( ie all brothers or all sisters ) neither can homosexuality be hereditary!? Far from it, It is behavioural

Yes the present incumbents and opposition are clutching at every straw!?  Whereas what people get up to in private is entirely their business I am against them sodomising our offspring whether actual or strapon and institutionalising this kind of behaviour and will be amending the Constitution against this if and when elected

I find the very idea abhorrent and symptomatic of a moral flaccidity prevalent in the type of person entering parliament up until now and although homosexuality seems to affect 4% of the population ie 960,000 it is by no means normal or natural to people here in Australia rather I would be launching an inquiry into the causes and consequences of homosexuality From my own perspective as a Christian it is so contrary to the Gospel and God's creation and cries out for Christ's healing in the political process just as much as the need to love a sinner The best we can do is protect them in perhaps a civil union rather than full blown marriage rights such as are being sought in the hope that one day they will enjoy adult procreation as God intended and would only hope for our offspring and their offspring to otherwise continue

It is very much an evolutionary dead end much like the present incumbents other political and economic policies

There are approximately 3.5 billion members of the opposite sex there is one who must surely be compatible that does not require depraved obnoxious inferior perverse and unnatural acts so contrary to the gospel indeed almost every other religion and God's creation

Homosexuality on a par with incest and underage sex in terms of sexual immorality

Instead of homosexual behaviour why don't the so called gay community do something to please the opposite sex with congenial behaviour towards a more natural partner such as relaxation and massage and learn more natural sexual behaviour intended to please What are they so afraid and scared of

Treatment of Adultery in some cultures is dealt with on a practical joke basis such as by chopping off your head!?

So why don't the opposite sex learn to support and encourage their men and womenfolk such as returning the favour of feeding clothing loving and caring for them and providing a roof over their head and making every other kind of peaceful forbearance such as monogamous fidelity support and encouragement and tactful advice and discretion and provide joy to their partner in love through kindness and goodness faithfulness gentleness Politeness would go a long way and above all self control

So called gay marriage completely devalues holy estate of matrimony

Intrusion by the state is thus making it impossible to function as an individual family or business

There is also something missing here in our education system. It's about time we put Religious Education back in the national curriculum to reteach our cultural and religious tradition and spirituality to our teachers and children in schools not just chaplains - for which the money is already there from federal government - for emotional support - with fundraising by the chaplains themselves - then hopefully our children will understand what marriage Christmas and Easter are!?

I repeat that freedom of speech is being abused by the treatment of controversial or sensitive subjects and events - $12,000 fine for even talking about same sex marriage - a taste of things to come!? I rest my case Vote NO while you can

May God bless you

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