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Hey all - those of us not suffering from post election burnout what a great result!!!!!!!

Despite the allegations of neo Nazism EVERYBODY conducted themselves flawlessly to expose the oppressive behaviour of the LNP!!!!! Thank you all for your hard work and determination

The opposition have scraped through barely able to form a government

I am only sorry that myself and others became the victim of the tax payer funded lies and propaganda to the tune of $60 million which have become Wallace's smokescreen to completely disregard the policies and issues that we must continue to fight for

Exceptionally I would like to thank my supporters at the last minute before nominations closed on Tuesday 23rd April 2019

As a production manager I can tell you it was otherwise physically impossible to obtain the 126 names in the time available over Easter by the 23rd April

It seems the election was timed to coincide with my marriage on the 18th April to Jasmine and the deadline for her partner visa which we also had to get in by this time

I know that my emails were being delayed and intercepted as well as my busy executive diary hacked ( along with Google calendar Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube) and of course the NBN internet and my mobile phone eavesdropped

I am of the opinion that someone was behind the political nobbling I experience from January 2017 for 2 years costing me $1,000's to defend as an independent way before the election

Which only made me more determined

The propaganda surrounding this election has led me to conclude we no longer live in a free society

With such tactics more reminiscent of the eastern communist bloc

The timescale and manner in which the election was called were also completely at odds with a free and fair election on the 18th may 2019

The antagonism and propaganda I experienced since standing have beggared belief and I have even now yet to find any evidence of being a third reicher fascist or neo nazi or membership of the NRA!?

Apathy rules in Australian politics with because of the undemocratic manner in which the election was called with less than a week to secure 126 nominations and a $1,750 hike in the government charge to do so coupled with the contrived timing of a certain party's delayed registration and without whom the election would not have been possible I am quite certain this too was deliberate in the timing of the election

I have suffered threats of injunction by the LNP for displaying my personal independent website URL on my amended WHIG PARTY corflutes

I append a letter of complaint to the LNP regarding the behaviour of their official supporters at the MINYAMA polling booth

I will update you with the response from my letter of complaint to the LNP and or Magistrates Court proceedings

Like a proposed annual charge for holding an ABN last August 1,600 homeless people on the coast and 6 youth suicides ( and 240 attempted suicides) every day with between 20-50% youth unemployment around the country the LNP are in denial!!!!!

Exceptionally I will refrain from congratulating the LNP candidate on his election until they repay the $60 million of tax payers money spent on their campaign instead of addressing the 4 key issues above!?

And they actually pass a law making political party nobbling a criminal offence like their behaviour at polling booths

I would like to finish by thanking my supporters for their efficiency and effectiveness in the face of such odds and their forbearance towards antagonism which I personally witnessed, and which were exemplary, as well as for their support and advice and who have more democratic culture and behaviour in my opinion than our elected representatives put together

Antagonism and assault at main gate Early Learning Centre 2 Jarrah St MINYAMA LNP - I wish to make a Complaint

In the 10 years I have been running as an independent and after setting up 26 of the 32 polling booths in FISHER notably Woombye at 10:00 pm Friday night 17th May 2019 cordially and without incident I personally came to do the last of the minor unmanned booths at Jarrah Street MINYAMA with my wife to erect a Corflute and put out some HTV cards 9:30 am Saturday 18 may 2019

The public area outside the gate was completely monopolised by LNP Corflutes and canopies and it was a job to find somewhere which I did in a public area in front of the main gate outside the ELC Grounds at the Early Learning Centre 2 Jarrah St MINYAMA

The behaviour of the LNP staff managing the booth was completely obnoxious to say the least notably some old guy who not only claimed to own the land outside the ELC but also be the actual manager of the LNP polling station ( photograph attached)

Rivalry is to be expected at these events however I draw the line at physical assault which occurred by striking me several times on the arm with LNP pamphlets

In the 10 years of running as a candidate I have not experienced such arrogant and threatening behaviour to the extent that I felt obliged to make a complaint not least because several others continued to obstruct me as I went about my business and threaten me and to pull down and remove election material

I suggest the staff involved be stood down as a very bad example of LNP election staff ( photos attached) and frankly the worst behaviour I have ever witnessed at a polling booth in Australia and which epitomises the worrying trend of such undemocratic culture and behaviour

Unless I hear that the matter will be dealt with and has been resolved internally and the appropriate staff stood down I reserve the right to make a complaint to the Magistrates Court and prefer charges

Update is that Andrew Wallace ( a lawyer ) briefed the alleged offending individuals despite a clear case of vandalism by political party workers ( a criminal offence) in addition to common assault orchestrating witnesses to lie and otherwise commit perjury had the Queensland police been so minded to act - does any of this sound familiar!?

Yours sincerely

Antagonism and assault at main gate Early Learning Centre 2 Jarrah St MINYAMA

cc. LNP Andrew Wallace
Sunshine Coast Daily

Together we will change the course of history

May God bless you

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