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Secret recordings

Secret recordings: The 'vision' was broadcast as part of an undercover Al Jazeera investigation which involved setting up a fake gun lobby group called Gun Rights Australia headed by a fake gun rights advocate, Rodger Muller just weeks before Australia's Federal Parliament changed electoral laws to ban foreign donations to political parties. ( sic ABC news article)

It is puzzling why the ABC should make such propaganda about secret recordings - illegal in Australia - about something that was not then illegal namely foreign donations and which changes Senator Hanson supported


The timing of this sting organised by a foreign government news agency ( to wit Al Jazeera no doubt in collusion with the LNP) severely damaged Senator Hanson's One Nation electoral chances but failed to exclude her from parliament

At every opportunity, if this is not the ABC ( and LNP) colluding in interference with a legitimate Australian political party by means of foreign interference I would like to know what is!?

Good on Pauline Hanson for defeating this kind of political nobbling that every one of us has had to endure and I for one if elected shall be proposing legislation to make such dirty tricks it seems so prevalently acceptable in Australian Politics a criminal offence

REUTERS - Did I say Reuters!? - no foreign interference intended

Together we will change the course of history

May God bless you

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