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Issue 29

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Issue 29

PUNCH Magazine weekly

PUNCH Magazine weekly Monday Monday September 18 2017, 10:28 AM

1. The Liberals and Labour dismiss the promotion of homosexuality as a matter of protecting religious freedoms and that religious freedom will be guaranteed - that's why you risk a $12,000 fine to even talk about same sex marriage at this time - a taste of things to come!? I rest my case Vote NO while you can

2. Does the Chief Medical Officer believe that AIDS is no longer a risk during homosexual "courtship" and that our children should be taught safe sodomy as part of their sex education!? I think not - Vote NO while you can

3. Does the toleration of depraved obnoxious inferior perverse and unnatural acts between any individuals such as is now being proposed to become normal accepted behaviour amongst our offspring and even institutionalised in the form of marriage!? I rest my case Vote NO while you can

4. Mike Jessop resolves to overturn and block any legislation that considers marriage to be anything other than for the natural and normal procreation and upbringing of children and to amend the constitution and laws of Australia to reflect this

5. Do we really have to believe our ears that our elected representatives are even wasting time and money ($220 million) to even consider such a vote and do they actually get on with any work!? - I rest my case Vote NO while you can

6. Will elected representatives continue to blame the so called GFC for all our economic ills 10 years on - I suggest that their corruption and incompetence are as widespread in the matter of same sex marriage as their handling of the economy - I rest my case Vote NO while you can

May God bless you

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