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Issue 4

PUNCH Magazine weekly 17th February 2015
PUNCH Magazine
The Official Weekly humourous and satirical publication of The Whig Party

Issue 4

On behalf of myself and all who helped out I would like to thank all those who voted for me in Saturday's election and offer my comiserations to the other unsuccessful candidates ( particularly Campbell Newman) and congratulations to Jarrod Bleije LNP

With the financial autism of Labour triumphing overall and all the professional politicians I can only offer this advice - please listen to what is being said and ACT upon it

I found electioneering in the KAWANA Electorate extremely informative and encouraging and in addition the lack of representation in Federal parliament of 40% of the population - There is a significant proportion of the adult population who are also unable to vote!?

Despite living working and paying taxes here in Australia the $5,000 cost of establishing citizenship ( not residency) is deterring I estimate 14% of the population from voting at all.

Whether or not this is a subset of the 40% who have not renounced their 'foreign' citizenship and may not stand for parliament That is a significant disenfranchisement of the population by any standards

ACTION Allow residents and tax payers to vote like every other country eg in the EU

Got that Tony Abbot / Palaszczuk - Are you listening - citizens want to stand for parliament and residents want to vote - please ACT PUNCH Magazine weekly

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With apologies to LONDON and his mate CHARIVARI

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