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Issue 35

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Issue 35

PUNCH Magazine weekly

PUNCH Magazine weekly Friday November 17 2017, 4:41 PM

MIKE JESSOP INDEPENDENT WHIG PARTY KAWANA will change the course of history

  1. Did you know that soon in QLD Polythene bags will soon be illegal to sell in supermarkets and that Cans and bottles will also be the subject of a ridiculously inefficient recycling programme and is really the only Idea of job creation of the present incumbents. Their sole achievement in office will be to ban polythene bags and add 10% to the cost of packaged drinks including water This will add greatly to the carbon footprint obligation to recycle the cost of plastic and aluminium which is completely uneconomic
  2. Automatically time and improve all traffic lights with sensors to improve productivity instead of lifetimes waiting at traffic lights
  3. Relaxation of planning permission to add 10 metres to cellular 4G 5G mobile network antennae painted red and white where these will not be a hazard to aviation
  4. Review water rates so that businesses are not charged for the number of toilets on top of water and sewage charge
  5. No business rates every business owner and employee and visitor is already paying rates elsewhere Local and State Government is double dipping rate payers who are thus paying twice
  6. All Government workers to learn a customer service creed ( or fruits of the spirit) to be recited on demand in order to pay their wages and salary
  7. Customer service training course for every government worker to be tested and revalidated every year against Key Performance Indicators
  8. Bad Penny Wong shouldn't even be in the Senate Are our Federal politicians ever going to get on with any work!?
  9. This sick feeling I had in my stomach on the morning of the announcement of the poll - well I've still got it!?

May God bless you

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PUNCH Magazine weekly

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