S7301543 Independent WHIG PARTY Candidate - MIKE JESSOP


MIKE JESSOP moved to KAWANA in 1999 with his wife and family and enjoys an active lifestyle Music, walking, cycling, rugby, cricket, and boating and kayaking

MIKE JESSOP worked for both IBM and the Post Office as a Network Analyst and was a successful landlord as well as running his own electronics manufacturing and boat building business and so brings all that experience to the table


My experience means I will bring the glaringly obvious opportunities that are available to Queenslanders to the neglected wealth and tax generation and manufacturing sector making it easier to set up and run a business upon which all employment wealth and tax generation is based

With 40% youth unemployment on the Coast this is a priority and vital necessity to address

I know the time is right to get actively involved in seizing opportunities for Queensland in general and KAWANA in particular


1. Upgrade and duplication of railway lines between Sunshine Coast and Brisbane

2. With 300 days of Sunshine each year Free 6Kw of photovoltaic solar panels to every household is a no brainer

3. Planning permission granted as of right to allow increase in height of Cellular Network Antennae by 10 metres to double range and speed data network for 4G and 5G to compensate for abysmal NBN rollout that has delayed so much investment in infrastructure by ISP's


No rather we should expand plans for water supply and healthcare especially for the elderly


This is year ZERO for tax reform

MIKE JESSOP will campaign to remove the cost of taxation and bureaucracy required just to employ someone Eg Employment Tax that are barriers to local employment as well as abolish both Income Tax and GST and replace it with a 0.5% credit and 0.5% GGST ( gifts goods and service tax) to replace the current 10% GST and Income Tax) so reducing the 100's of hours spent by businesses required just to report taxation - Queenslanders will be given the choice of paying Income Tax or GGST or E-Tax if registered to vote in Queensland

The current system takes at least three working weeks each year just to report taxation

In contrast every hour of the day money is withdrawn from, or transferred between savings accounts, cheque accounts, credit card accounts, insurance companies, business and investment organisations and financial institutions of all kinds. Indeed, all monetary transactions are debited from some type of bank or financial institution that holds money in trust. $200 billion to be precise each day that would raise $2 billion per day Similarly the Stock exchange transactions are not currently taxed even though $1.5 Trillion is traded every day this would raise $730 Billiion every year automatically collected through the bank's

just do a spreadsheet and absolute sum on all your accounts Eg access account savings account credit card and superannuation account to see how much you might pay without ever having to fill in another tax return

Vote Mike Jessop INDEPENDENT WHIG PARTY KAWANA and change the course of history - today

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